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My intention is to help demystify spiritual and psychological ideals of transformation into an accessible framework which honors how our brain and bodies are designed.

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I’ve long been fascinated by how we truly heal from the emotional scars we may carry. Given my own trauma history, having personally known the private pain of rape, eating disorders and depression, a lot of my life energy has gone into learning how to heal and move beyond some of the hurts that seemed […]

Brain, Changing Beliefs

October 21, 2023

Does crying really help us heal from the past? Sometimes yes, yet often, no…

Think of a thing that you want to change in yourself. Maybe it’s a feeling of playing small or holding back, or tolerating mistreatment or insecurity or taking things personally. Now, notice if there’s a thought of “I want to change this. I’m done with this. I’m ready to let it go.” Super common response. […]

Brain, Changing Beliefs

October 12, 2023

Think Of Something You Want To Change In Your Life

Have you ever been told that the way to change what you believe about yourself is  to think new thoughts or say affirmations in a mirror? I know I certainly have – by therapists, spiritual teachers and even IG memes! I would faithfully practice my daily affirmations, rephrase my self-talk when my inner critic was […]

Brain, Changing Beliefs

October 3, 2023

How Do We Actually Change Our Beliefs? (No, It’s Not Through Thinking New Thoughts)

i'm gabriella 

For over 25 years, I’ve been serving as a Professional Woman-Centered Coach, specializing in Spiritual Psychology and Relational Neuroscience, helping women just like you uncover their inner strengths and abilities and discover how to express this in the world.

At this time of an evolutionary leap on this planet, where women everywhere are called to bring forward a new vision and possibility for ourselves, our loved ones and the planet, I am committed to inspiring you to stand up as the extraordinary woman that you are, through my Blog and boutique private coaching services. 

I believe in power within you and I am here to stand with you as an ally and catalyst. Together, we rise.

After 25+ years of coaching women specializing in Spiritual Psychology and Relational Neuroscience, I’ve discovered that these exact questions are the key to unlocking the transformative wisdom of your subconscious mind.

Anytime you need guidance on your next steps in life, love, work and purpose, these will empower you to overcome blocks, develop self trust and strengthen your confidence.

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