I can feel the warmth of the sun on the back of my head as I’m sitting on my patio, iphone in one hand and a cup of earl grey in the other.

I open my email and there it is.

The message reads “Gabriella, I need to move on.’ Gulp.

The words appear innocent, yet they land with a thud in my solar plexus.

“Am I being dumped???”

My gut is churning with a visceral response to feeling rejected and suddenly I feel breathless, my mind starts spinning with anxious thoughts of “What did I do wrong?”

In comes my conscious mind, which knows the truth, that I didn’t do anything wrong, yet the feelings inside of my body can’t differentiate between what is actually real and what is perceived.

Have you ever felt this way before?

I bet if you’re reading this, you’re highly self-aware, devoted to your path of awakening and you already know your beautiful heart, you know deep down that you’re made of glory.

Yet, another part of you may still spin out at times as old messages from the past tell you otherwise. “You’re too much of this. Not enough of that.”

Messages that imply something is wrong with us pop up like wildflowers in our mind, even though we know better. These messages then start a cascade of old feelings – fear, embarrassment, insecurity or confusion. Messages that reinforce shame and unworthiness.

Take a moment and think, just now, what are some of your old messages that still seem to haunt you, keep you up at night or pop up when you’re feeling down? Especially if you’re wanting to get close to someone or let someone into your world and your heart?

For me, the default messages that I still work with weeding out are ones that tell me that I’m responsible for others feelings or it’s up to me to prove that I’m good enough.

These can creep into the cracks of my days at the most unsuspecting times, such as yesterday when I read that email where I was being dumped…by a landscape gardener!!!

The trick I’ve found lies not so much in trying to get rid of these old messages, but more in turning towards myself with tenderness and messages of truth.

Over the years, I’ve walked not only myself, but hundreds and hundreds of women through the process of releasing old messages and stepping into the truth of who they are through my private coaching and programs.

I teach women to take our power back from old messages through this simple yet profound 3-step process…

1) Become aware if an old message is lurking and acknowledge it (as I read the email from my gardener, the old message of thinking it was my fault popped up)

2) Offer ourselves compassion and empathy (I imagined scooping this younger part of me who felt rejected up into my arms holding her close)

3) Be the mirror of truth by reflecting truth…these old messages are usually rooted in a lie…one that inevitably tells us there’s something wrong with us or the world around us, so we have the opportunity to let go of the lie by speaking words of truth. (“Little Gabriella, I hear you fear you did something wrong. I want you to know that I love you and there is nothing wrong with you.”)

The truth is that the compassionate and caring voice of the Empowered Feminine is rising here on the planet and it begins in each one of us, as we each walk ourselves into freedom.

You have access to incredible kindness in your very own heart. May you bless yourself by being a mirror of truth to yourself.

I dare you to try this next time an old message gets you down…I’d love to hear how this practice works for you and what you discovered.