A Weekend Retreat for Women Committed to Purpose, Balance and Radiant Self-Care




Dear extraordinary Woman,

Are you ready to step into the next level of your life, where purpose and meaning is aligned with greater impact and success? 

Imagine a weekend where your deeper visions are clarified, your purpose crystallizes, and your well-being is cared for.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery. empowerment and elegance.


summer 2024
Montecito, CA



extraordinary Woman:
the breakthrough retreat


- the - breakthrough retreat

this is not just a retreat; it's an invitation to a profound shift—the kind that Powerfully clarifies and aligns your life's direction

Created for a small handful of women who have a vision of fulfilling their highest potential and making a positive difference while taking care of themselves in the process.

 What is the breakthrough that has the power to shift

Whether it's in the area of Love & Relationships, Radiant Health & Self-Care, Work & Wealth, or Clarifying Your Purpose, you are warmly invited to a transformative weekend retreat in the beauty of Montecito, CA.

Join us for a journey beyond the ordinary, where the extraordinary within you is beckoning from within. Extraordinary Woman: The Breakthrough Retreat is not just an event; it's a sanctuary crafted exclusively for a select few women ready to go to the next level in creating a life that reflects purpose and balance.

But here's the catch: This isn't for everyone. It's for those ready to open to greater possibilities, overcome obstacles, and embody the essence of a wholly empowered woman who shines from the inside out. If you're tired of feeling unclear, stuck in overwhelm and are longing for a sense of connection, ease, and flow, I welcome you.

Let's create a breakthrough that will elevate your life to the next level of fulfillment, meaning, impact, and success.


After coaching over a thousand women in the past three decades, one truth stands out: YOU'RE NOT ALONE. As a committed woman yearning for a life of meaning and purpose, the complexities of balancing aspirations, relationships, and self-care are real. I understand your challenges—the shadow of uncertainty and self-doubt, juggling responsibilities, overwhelm, and the yearning for authenticity.

  • Lack of Clarity or Focus: You wonder what is yours to do and feel pulled in so many directions

  • Blurry Boundaries: You tend to overgive, overdo, overspend; have a hard time setting limits or even feel selfish taking time out for yourself 

  • Over-Responsibility: Sometimes it seems as if you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders 

  • Low Energy: Stressed, tired and your body feels heavy, you know you’re out of balance with self-care

common obstacles

Shared Journey

maybe you struggle with...

your personal breakthrough awaits you

Imagine a weekend where inner barriers transform into opportunities. Picture gaining clarity on your path, feeling connected to your inner wisdom while embracing a renewed sense of authenticity and confidence. 

This is not just a retreat; it's your invitation to a breakthrough—a transformative journey custom-made for heart-centered women like you.

Are you ready to go to the next level in your relationships, work or self-care, overcome the obstacles that have been standing between you and what you know in your heart is yours to do, have, experience or create? 

This retreat is crafted with you in mind—a place where your visions, challenges, and intentions find a powerful space for transformation.

We grow stronger together.

Women are being called to rise up—whether it’s within ourselves, our families, the workplace, our community, or the global stage. It's time to use our strengths, our voices, and our talents to create health, wealth and happiness that serves the greatest good.


your role as a powerful woman

While feminine power is rising, most women carry internalized beliefs that cause us to overextend, hold back, settle for less, or use force and pressure to get ahead—all of which limit our full potential. As we commit to our inner work, we not only free ourselves from these inner barriers, we also unlock the feminine strengths of compassion, collaboration, and creativity, becoming more able to confidently stand in our power, own our authentic voice, and stay true to ourselves.


Your Feminine Power, Stand In Your Truth

Given that empowerment begins within, we hold the key to creating a world where women's voices are respected. By releasing the hidden blocks and limitations we carry as women,, we unleash our potential. Not only do we clear the path for our daughters, we are enabled to create systems and structures that honor and protect women and girls worldwide. By transforming ourselves, we are transforming the world we live in.


Your Potential, Transform The World

Together, we awaken the extraordinary within and lead a new movement of women who are empowered to stand forward as change-makers, life-givers, and leaders, co-creating a world we all want to live in.


To A Journey to Empowerment and Transformation

Your time is now.

A Weekend Retreat for Women Committed to Purpose, Balance and Radiant Self-Care

summer 2024
Montecito, CA



extraordinary Woman:
the breakthrough retreat


- the - breakthrough retreat

Just now, when you feel into your life, what area do you sense is the most ripe to transform? What's the thing that you just know, deep in your gut, if you had a shift, it would open you to greater flow and satisfaction? Maybe it scares you? Excites you? Or both?

 Maybe it's having the courage to start an important project, the confidence to speak up with your ideas, close that deal or negotiate new terms with your boss, your spouse or your partner? 

Maybe it’s developing the strength of heart to make that big change? Maybe it's expanding your scope of impact and stepping into greater visibility? Maybe it's prioritizing your health and slowing down, saying no more often while saying yes to things that light you up? 

Whatever the thing is that you're thinking of right now, I invite you to listen to the whispers that are calling you forward. This is the wisdom of your psyche, guiding you into your next level of growth and upliftment.

You are here for a reason: to shine your light, share your gifts and fulfill your highest calling.

Let’s create a breakthrough that will change everything.

imagine your


I offer a rich combination of cutting-edge, science-backed coaching techniques while honoring your soul’s wisdom in an elegant and refined setting, providing a beautiful and powerful experience for the whole woman. This retreat addresses the intricate dance between fulfilling our purpose, making a difference and radiant self-care. 
Through personalized coaching, immersive workshop exercises, and being surrounded by other like-minded women, you will be guided through experiences that forge new neural pathways in your brain that allow breakthroughs to naturally unfold.

holistic support for the whole Woman

This carefully curated high-end, high-touch experience is designed to catalyze you into creating a breakthrough in the area that is most important for you. 
Shift from feeling stuck, unclear or overwhelmed to walking away with a stronger sense of confidence, clarity, and momentum, using science-backed tools along with connecting to spiritual wisdom.

Ready for a Transformational Weekend Journey?

You choose the area that matters to you most, whether it’s Love & Relationships, Radiant Health & Self-Care, Work & Wealth, or Clarifying Your Purpose
This isn't just an ordinary retreat; it's a warm invitation to a profoundly, transformative experience designed to unlock the extraordinary within you.

you have the power

Specializing in the feminine psyche, brain, heart and soul since 1997

Many retreats focus on changing thoughts, shifting mindset, managing emotions, or modifying behaviors. While they may yield some insights and growth, true change often eludes us at the core. 

For lasting transformation in the brain, especially for those who have faced difficulties and traumas in life, a different approach is essential.

My specialty lies in blending psychology, spirituality, and cutting-edge neuroscience. Through this unique combination, you'll clear your mind, open your heart, listen to the wisdom within, and harness the power of rewiring your brain for a breakthrough.

Why this is not your average 


 Engage in the transformative power of neuroplasticity. Breakthrough moments occur when we open new neural pathways, rewiring your brain for compassion, success, and allowing new possibilities to emerge.

Miracle of Neuroscience

Guided through gentle yet deeply healing processes, you'll release the past and access the presence of your true self. This supports your psyche in integrating your experience into an inner resource that you can turn towards again and again.

Psychological Healing and Integration

Women, in particular, tend to experience increased oxytocin levels (the "love" hormone) during authentic and meaningful interactions with other women. This hormone plays a key role in trust, emotional safety, and a sense of connection and belonging. Form bonds with incredible women, experience a positive shift in your mindset, reduce stress and inflammation in your body, and feel an overall sense of well-being.

The Power of Connection

Recognizing that we are divine beings having a human experience, tap into your innate spiritual wisdom, connect to the loving, nurturing energy of the Divine Feminine and attune to Spirit.

Spiritual Wisdom

here's what sets this retreat apart:

client love

"There's a magic that happens by working with Gabriella. An acceptance of life, on life's terms. During our private retreat in Mexico, she was totally focused on me, oh the luxury of that! I can take care of myself yet I’ve always been so focused on making sure that others are okay. Once it became clear to me that she was there for me, there’s a richness to that that I have never, ever had. Working with her gave me a feeling of ‘Oh, I can do this!’ I can do the things that I want. I can date, I can set boundaries with my money. I can trust myself. I’ve learned that I like me, just the way I am."

Philanthropist, Santa Fe, NM

Maya Pool

"Working with Gabriella has been transformative. Her role modeling as an empowered woman inspired me. I sought help with boundaries around money and relationships. The impact has been profound – improved self-relationship, enhanced self-care, courage in business, and better boundaries. I now protect my heart AND money and now writing my book! The retreats, especially in Hawaii and Santa Barbara, are beyond words – unique, beautiful, and deep. Gabriella's continuous personal and professional growth is inspiring. She engages with grace and relatability, reaching into the hearts of women."

Philanthropist and Author “Woman On Top”, Aspen, CO 

Suzanne Leydecker

“I was amazed at how a group of strangers were able to almost immediately enter the slipstream and depth of connection. Gabriella’s expert guidance and facilitation allowed us to access a potent and transformative space more quickly than I’ve ever experienced before."

TEDx Speaker, Empowerment Coach and Professor of Gender/Women’s Studies, Santa Barbara, CA

Melanie Klein

"When I first started working with Gabriella, I was struggling with anxiety and had no way to help myself when I was triggered. Our work has catapulted me forward. I feel a lot better about myself. More comfortable in my skin. I feel calmer. I'm able to soothe myself, redirect myself, and talk to myself in a gentle, kind way which i had no access to before.I’m more present in my body, have a positive awareness of who I am. I always felt like I was the person that never got to have the things that others had. Now I feel like anything is possible. I feel more confident in myself to get me to where I want to go."

Interior Designer | Chicago, IL

Liz Kaplan

"Gabriella is a phenomenal and powerful life coach. Inwardly, I have found that I feel more comfortable in my own skin and more confident in who I am, as well as in my unique self-expression in the world. Outwardly, I have found myself better equipped to establish and maintain healthy boundaries in relationships, stand up for myself and speak my truth and let go of the fear that being myself will result in not being loved. I am deeply grateful for the transformations that I have experienced, and continue to experience, as a result of working with such a powerful, supportive and loving coach."

Philanthropist, Owner Fahrenheit Body Spa | Aspen, CO

Stephanie Frisselle

This retreat is carefully designed to address the area that holds the most significance for you. 
Which area of your life do you feel is most ripe and ready for transformation?

what's your


  • Healthy, Flourishing Relationships
  • Leadership, Philanthropic, and Entrepreneurial Empowerment
  • Spiritual Growth and Well-being
  • Stress Management and Nervous System Resilience
  • Financial Abundance and Prosperity

Your extraordinary breakthrough awaits!

  • Experiencing a deep sense of peace from within
  • Feeling connected to your heart, innate goodness, and limitless possibilities
  • Dissolving inner obstacles and experiencing freedom, gaining clarity on your next steps
  • Feeling energized yet calm, connected to yourself, your loved ones, and life itself

Now, envision yourself:

Perhaps it's in the realm of:

Spaces are limited to ensure an intimate and committed group. 
These 6 spots do fill quickly. If you feel energized, inspired, curious or uplifted by reading this, I encourage you to reach out to me now

What's Next?

Secure your spot on the waitlist for priority access to registration and an exclusive retreat gift upon confirmation.


Join, apply, and confirm to enter a drawing for a complimentary 1:1 60 minute coaching session with Gabriella valued at $750. *

First 5 Women: Enter to Win a Free 1:1 Coaching Session

Join with a friend and enjoy an extra special bonus as my heartfelt gratitude for investing in yourselves and your friendships. Together, let's nurture and strengthen the bonds of sisterhood, empowering each other to grow and heal together. Ask me what this is.

Bring a Friend Bonus!

As a sincere thank you for joining our community, enjoy exclusive benefits, plus early registrants will receive a curated luxury gift bag.

Early Community Appreciation

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exclusive early registration perks

A Weekend Retreat for Women Committed to Purpose, Balance and Radiant Self-Care

summer 2024
Montecito, CA



extraordinary Woman:
the breakthrough retreat


- the - breakthrough retreat

Engage in processes designed to unravel uncertainties and gain profound clarity about your vision and direction. This intimate setting ensures that each woman receives focused attention, opening to insights in areas that may have been holding you back.

Get Unstuck and Gain Clarity

Relax in the beauty of Montecito and have space to connect and listen more deeply to the wisdom of your soul. Connect with the love and compassion within your very own heart. Let your light shine.

Nourish Your Soul

It’s normal for women to struggle with self-care. This isn’t about adding more to your to-do list, this is about opening to simple and meaningful ways to nurture yourself and fill your cup. By taking care of yourself first, you are more able to help take care of others

Radiant Self-Care

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of support and collaboration. Being surrounded by the positive energy and encouragement of other extraordinary women on a similar quest for purpose, connection and spiritual wisdom is priceless.

Supportive Environment

Learn tools to regulate your nervous system so you may experience a sense of safety and calm in your body.

Nervous System Regulation

 This weekend is designed to open pathways in your brain that allow for insights, while releasing unconscious limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back. Coming together in this way supports your brain in forging new possibilities to expand beyond what you’ve previously known.

Unlock Your Brain

Engage in heartfelt conversations and genuine sharing. Our intimate setting ensures that every voice is heard, fostering a deep sense of connection. 

authentic Connection

Create lasting bonds in an environment built on trust and safety. This retreat provides the perfect space for you to open up, be vulnerable, and build connections that last beyond the weekend.  

Trust and Safety

You'll leave with your personalized Breakthrough Brilliance Blueprint. This tangible roadmap will provide you with a clear and actionable plan, guiding you towards harnessing the momentum of what you clarified during the retreat.

Breakthrough Brilliance Blueprint

When we women find—and use—our voices, we find our power…and everything changes. By authentically sharing and hearing each other's truths in a safe and supportive environment, we cultivate the courage and confidence to amplify our voices in all aspects of life.

Honor Your Voice

This is not just an ordinary weekend, this is a potent time to catalyze a breakthrough in a key area of your life and bring forward the change you wish to see.

What you'll recieve

Join me for an intimate retreat where coaching meets connection, and personal breakthroughs unfold in the beauty of Montecito. 
Only six spaces available—reserve your place for a weekend that celebrates your brilliance and sets the stage for your next chapter. 


your extraordinary breakthrough awaits!

This retreat isn't just about moments of inspiration; it's about leaving with a rewired brain, a full heart, an open mind, new soul sisters plus a tangible tool that empowers you to navigate your path with confidence, authenticity, and a renewed sense of direction.

Your Extraordinary Breakthrough Awaits!

Feel free to reach out. We are here to help.

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