christoffer-wilhelm-eckersberg-xx-woman-standing-in-front-of-a-mirror-1841-xx-private-collection1One thing I see as a measure of maturity and growth is an ability to get into reality with transformation. Personal mastery recognizes that it’s a PROCESS.

Lasting change takes time. Any programs that offer quick fixes, instant success, or shortening the timeline to financial freedom all rest on a foundation of aversion.

It’s so normal, er… human, to push away the discomfort of slow and steady growth and instead want instant relief.

Slow but steady requires moving through insecurity, moving beyond doubt, and lots of stumbling. This part is sometimes agonizing.

Hence the prevalence of substance use, gambling, fad diets or any other approach that falsely promises immediacy.

I find what this urgency covers is a deep insecurity and mistrust of life.

When we really, really, REALLY let ourselves be held by life and trust into the goodness that is – we are more able to relax and let things progress naturally. When we relax… beautiful things happen.

This is our life, after all. Why plow through it?

When we relax, we connect with the now. With the person inside and the people here next to you.

We aren’t so eager to get out of today. Today is, after all, where we are.

I know this only because I need to remember it every day. My ego likes to seduce me into thinking tomorrow will somehow be better than today.

Than I wake up and remember to slow down. Keep it real. Then I allow myself to be okay with the sometimes evasive peaceful simplicity of now.

Remember my friends, growth is a process — not an event.