behind_the_maskI remember memorizing the script from Teen Magazine on ‘How To Act So A Boy Will Like You’ in 7th grade. An actual script on what to say, how to behave, and what to wear.

I was convinced that if I acted in the ‘right’ way, I would be accepted, loved, and seen for who I knew I was in my heart, yet often felt too shy to express. (Confession — I still feel this way sometimes).

I suspect many of us are united by early adaptation to the roles of appropriate behavior. Now applicable to our current business and our love lives, we’ve all internalized a script of how we should be.

We are smart people. We think by perfecting our roles, we will win at the game of life.

But roles are somewhat fake versions of us.

They cover the wildly messy, vibrant, alive, true to our unique colors self. We can smell a fake miles away.

A fake smile. A fake promise in a business transaction. A fake ‘I’m fine’ when you’re everything but.

These moments can actually repel love. They repel connection. They repel financial success. They repel because in essence — they are not truthful.

We are brilliant beings whom — on the deepest level — crave truth, even when scary at times. The truth sets us free.

As a veteran in the world of transformational growth for 21 years now, I have watched how my roles have evolved.

I’ve gone from a role as a Healer/Herbalist to an Organic Chef to a Rebel Wild Child to a Successful Entrepreneur to a Malibu Housewife.

My current role is as a Minister, as well as a Personal and Relationship Coach. My role as a Smarty-Pants Know it All. My role as a Sensitive Withdrawer. Devoted to my Nicholas.

They are just roles that I play. They aren’t actually me. They allow me to do my work, to serve you, to love my beloved Nicholas.

I find a distinct parallel between how our levels of true success increases the more we are able to be flexible with our roles.

Roles/Personas/Masks are not bad. They serve us — yet we must ground ourselves continuously in what is true about us.

Being seen for who we are — beyond our skillfully crafted personas — is both the most difficult and courageous act, yet also the simplest.

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