Nike blog 5:16Ever wonder why you behave in certain ways that you know darn well aren’t good for you in romance? Isn’t it even more frustrating when you know what you should be doing yet can’t seem to shift your behavior?

Have you ever…

Kept going back for hot sex even when you knew it wasn’t good for your heart?

Continued to text, chase or pursue him even though he has made it abundantly clear that he’s just not that into you?

Wasted endless hours stalking a guy on Facebook when you knew you needed to be working?

I get it, I’ve been there. You’re smart, you’re self aware, you know whats up.

Except…when it comes to shifting limiting patterns with men that keep you confounded, unhappy and disempowered.

Sometimes you can’t JUST DO IT – no matter how hard you may try. You can’t just make yourself do something different until you understand what is motivating you in the first place.

The greatest pain a woman feels is her own self betrayal when she acts in ways that erode her self trust and diminishes her feeling empowered that she can choose on her own behalf.

When you turn AWAY from yourself and TOWARDS behaviors that may temporarily sate but have long-term negative consequences, whether you jump into romance quickly, withhold your truth or stay because the sex is good and you’d rather not be alone – there is always a price to pay.

That price is that by perpetuating habits of self betrayal which result in your feeling disempowered, (all), you lose out on actually experiencing what you most desire.

Try this simple exercise:

Think about one negative behavior you engage in with men, EVEN though you know feel it does not serve your highest and best.

Ask yourself, how is this negative behavior serving me?

This is an excerpt of my program “Grow Stronger Together…In Love”. When you identify the limiting behaviors (I also teach how to dissolve them), your energy is more freed up to make choices that support your highest expression.

Here’s to growing stronger in your ability to choose wisely for yourself and your heart. You deserve it. You are a beautiful angel of light and goodness. I see this in you. Yes, you.