When It Comes to Dating and Relating, Who Are You REALLY In Love?

Do you sometimes wonder how you can go from confident and empowered in your work, yet revert to an awkward girl when it comes to dating + relating?

Curious how you can shift from feeling powerless to empowered in yourself and in your love relationships?


These are some of the questions we answered together during this special free call with
Professional Love and Intimacy Coach, Gabriella Taylor.


Here’s What You’ll Learn During This Complimentary Call:

  • Discover why so many women struggle to have what they really desire from men and what they can actually do about it.
  • Decode your emotional upsets in relationships so you can heal old patterns that come up when you are dating or in love.
  • Learn how to date in ways that are more empowering. This means setting beautiful boundaries you can feel good about and how to stop pretzeling.
  • Recognize why you keep attracting men that don’t seem like a good fit.
  • Maintain emotional balance as you truly care for you heart and your body while getting to know a man.



As a professional coach, I take women through the profound Journey Of Extraordinary Love, which is a sacred developmental process designed to help you evolve from engaging in dissatisfying adolescent relating behaviors with men to creating deeply satisfying adult relationships especially when it comes to love and romance.

Within the Journey to Extraordinary Love, you’re required to identify and shift disempowering thoughts, feelings, and actions, in order to access your innate ability to create Extraordinary Love with yourself and others.

So, if you find yourself repeating the same old patterns with men, if you desire true love but seem to attract emotionally unavailable men, or if you’re just tired of the dating game, I hope you’ll join me for this empowering live call!

Oh – and if you can’t make the call live, no problem!  A call recording will be sent out after you register.



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