I’ve been debating on whether or not to share what’s going on behind the scenes with Nicholas and myself, yet if our story can serve you, it’s worth it.

As you may know, although we’ve been together for nearly 10 years, our official wedding was scheduled for this past June in Florence, Italy and thanks to Covid, that date has come and gone. We remain here in Los Angeles, in a state of heightened precaution going on five months now, (my Cancerian homebody has revelled in not needing to leave the house for more than a quick run to the Farmer’s Market on Sundays since March!).

A plan that has thrust us deep in the heart of therapeutic intervention with a profoundly skilled couple’s therapist.

Weekly, she is helping us weed out our negative cycles, by bringing understanding to these dynamics that we each carried into the relationship, all in order to heal, learn and grow stronger in the process.

It has been wildly uncomfortable. Very emotionally volatile. Many moments of uncertainty. These are the juncture points that I see often split couples apart. It’s tender and vulnerable and scary.

However, we are doing the work. Together.

My inner commitment to doing my shadow work, to going to the places that feel hard, to discover newfound compassion and understanding, alongside the steadfast support of my soulmate and fiance, Nicholas, is yet another testimony to the power of the extraordinary love we share.

I share this with you in hopes that if this is something you dream of, {{ subscriber.firstName | default(‘friend’) }}, to not only share the joys of relationship but also where you can rest into the deeper trust that the relationship can withstand storms, I fully encourage you to continue nurturing that dream, keep doing your ‘ego work’ and keep opening to what’s possible beyond what you’ve ever known before.

Here’s to the power of love,