Grow Stronger Together…In Love is a 12 week mastery course for women, single or in relationship, who are ready to experience truly extraordinary love.  I will personally walk you through 6 crucial steps to shift from a paradigm of powerlessness into a paradigm of empowerment in your romantic relationships.

During Grow Stronger Together…In Love, I’ll help you identify and shift disempowering thoughts, feelings, and actions, in order to access your innate ability to create Extraordinary Love with yourself and others.

This is not hype, and I am not just a relationship coach.

The number one piece of feedback I get from clients is, “Gabriella, this work changed my life. I feel more like myself. I am clear on who I am and who I am not, and I am now relating to men in ways that are more empowering. Plus I am enjoying myself a whole lot more!”

During Grow Stronger Together…In Love, you will put all of my core teachings about developing a strong foundation for rich and fulfilling relationships to action in your own life. The process will both delight and surprise you.

You will also be invited to look in the mirror at where you have opportunity to grow while I personally walk you through your own unique journey to lasting love.

This class is not for the faint of heart. It’s designed to stretch your comfort zone and intended to change your paradigm and get you on your way to experiencing Extraordinary Love!

Best of all, Grow Stronger Together…In Love is a tele-seminar. 

This means you can participate in my signature program from anywhere in the world.  You’ll also have the course curriculum and recorded calls to reference as often as you like long after we complete the actual course.

Your Course Curriculum For Your Journey


Who Am I REALLY, In Love?

Relationship happiness starts with knowing who you are, what you stand for and what is real for you at your core. Fast tracking your growth in romantic relationships is actually easier than you think. It is not about working harder on yourself or settling for less; it’s about changing the way you think and feel about relationships and your role in them. I’ll help you identify the important mindset shift you need to turn your disempowerment into a greater sense of strength, in just 12 weeks.

How Do I Show Up In Love?

David Richo says emotional maturity is THE key to successful living. During Module 2, you’ll learn exactly what this means for you. Plus, you’ll learn my top 4 secrets to communicate with your man when you are emotionally upset – which increases the likelihood of him giving you what you need, when you most need it. You’ll be able to communicate more powerfully from your center of true strength – and know what to do when you are emotionally upset.


What Does My Heart Truly Want In Life?

Here comes the fun part. I’m going to challenge you to take this time to focus solely on YOU. This is where you begin to get really curious about what you most desire in your life overall. I’ll also show you how to bridge the gap between the life you want and the life you have. After completing this program, you’ll be demanding far less from men because you will be able to fulfill your heart’s desires from within. This, in turn often means you will be open to receive even more from men.


What Do I Want In Love?

During Module 4, you’ll learn how to easily overcome the limiting rules you have placed on relationships that keep you unhappy and disempowered. I’ll help you expand your perspective and your comfort zone, so you can actually open up to receive the good that you say you want. You’ll examine the past habits, expectations, and limiting beliefs that have prevented you from truly getting what you want and leave Grow Stronger Together…In Love well-equipped and ready to create the results you’ve desired for so long.


What Brings Out The Best In Me?

It’s easy to assume relationships take a lot of work.  It’s actually even harder sometimes to let love in.

In Module 5, you will learn to distinguish the healthy discomfort of growth from the unhealthy comfort of staying stuck in old relating patterns that don’t serve you or reflect who you really are.  You’ll begin to look at your own self-defeating behaviors, and you will get familiar with your Dating + Relating Red Flags, which will empower you to really put yourself out there and ask for what you truly want.


Am I Truly Open To The Highest Good?

As we wrap up the Grow Stronger Together…In Love program, I’ll give you a refreshingly simple, holistic roadmap for your Journey To Extraordinary Love that will liberate you to accept the things you cannot change and clarify exactly what you can control in love at the same time.

You may worry that you can’t have what you want.  You might feel scared you will end up alone, have to settle and that you’re just asking for too much. These are common areas women collapse on themselves and they’re some of the biggest opportunities to show up for extraordinary love.   The growth comes from no longer settling and from trusting.

In this final module, I will help you solidify your strength of heart and backbone that determine how aligned your actions are with your truest self.  This alignment ultimately determines how happy you will be in love and how trusting you are of life.

Important Dates You’ll Want to Know:

Grow Stronger Together…In Love

is a 12 week tele-class which runs from May 25 – August 3, 2016.

Group Teaching Calls with Gabriella:

2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month
May 25 at 5pm PST
June 8 at 5pm PST
June 22 at 5pm PST
July 6 at 5pm PST
July 20 at 5pm PST
August  3 at 5pm PST

Live Facebook Group office hours with Gabriella every Thursday from 2-3pm PST.

Plus, Two EXTRA 60 minute open Q&A calls on Monday 5/30 and 6/27 – 2-3pm PST.

AND as an extra, extra gift to celebrate the launch of this extraordinary program, you can ‘Bring-Your-Bestie’ for free! 

That means that you and a friend can register for the price of one.  After one of you joins GSTIL, you’ll be able to submit your friend’s info to my team and you both are in!

Special Bonus Call after Grow Stronger Together…In Love ends

Wednesday 8/17 5pm PST

I’m throwing in another free bonus call at the end to celebrate your growth and courage. We will reflect on the measurable progress you have experienced in yourself since the program ended and celebrate your wins. This call is all about taking complete ownership over your relationship patterns and taking dominion over your co-creating a wonderful future, by acknowledging your devotion to Extraordinary Love.

Does this tele-seminar thing really work? 100% yes.

I teach these principles in person one-on-one with my private clients, and since moving it online, I am so excited by how my clients are more connected to one another and actually accomplish their goals more quickly while experiencing the strength of support in building community together.


Teaching Calls

You’ll join me for a live Teaching Call every other week where I’ll lead you through the course curriculum and then answer your specific questions.

These live Teaching Calls feel just like being in a cozy cyber-living room together.  You are comfortable in your own home (bathrobes and slippers encouraged – I dare you to post selfies in our private FB group!), surrounded by other open-minded and strong-hearted women. You get to sit back, relax and soak it in as I am giving you the fruits of 21 years of work, study and practice within the relationship field.

This is YOUR Opportunity to Grow Stronger in Love.

How will YOU Do It?

Laser Q&A Coaching

You’ll also have two opportunities to get Laser Coaching directly from me. In these Q&A calls, you’ll receive specific coaching and guidance, and witness powerful transformations within your fellow sisters. These are no holds barred chances to come together and dive deep into whatever is coming up.


Special Online Community

You’ll also be a part of our members only Facebook group where you can connect with me and your fellow sister-friends. By the way, I host scheduled office hours weekly and also pop in throughout the week to answer questions and connect with you. So, you’ll have lots of opportunity between our calls to get your questions addressed and feel supported.


You choose the focus of your Journey to Extraordinary Love.

Although Grow Stronger Together…In Love is a group program, and The Journey is a path to Extraordinary Love, each woman is at a different stage based on her unique circumstances.

You’ll choose your own individual 12 week goal that’s tailored to where you are and where you want to leap. Here are some examples from previous clients:

  • understanding, developing and expressing healthier boundaries
  • create a Red Flag Checklist for growth of integrity
  • releasing the past
  • learning more effective communication skills
  • choosing better men…or letting in the good ones that are already here
  • keeping your word to yourself
  • no longer pretzel yourself around men
  • stop settling for less…and demanding too much
  • dramatically improve your dating experiences by enjoying the process more
  • learn how to increase your likelihood of meeting an exceptional man – based on who you are being

Your romantic growth cannot exceed your personal growth, this program contains the perfect balance of bold action and transformative inner work

Get Direct Coaching from Me

Just because we’re not in the same room (or country!) doesn’t mean there’s a disconnect.

After each call is finished, I stay on the line as long as it takes to get all of your questions answered.

You’re also able to post questions for me in our exclusive Facebook group where I personally reply to each woman during my office hours.

And the weekly calls frequently include some on-the-spot hot-seat coaching for the brave and the bold.

I promise to give my ladies in Grow Stronger Together…In Love my best ability to serve from my heart and soul during this course.  I’m dedicated to your success, and that’s why making myself available for your specific questions throughout The Journey is my top priority.


Join a Vibrant Community

When you join Grow Stronger Together…In Love, you ride the momentum of working in tandem with other dedicated, exceptional women. The networking and support systems available are tremendous, and I look forward to seeing women collaborate even after the program is over. These are both your sisters and friends, as well as colleagues and professional peers, so don’t miss the opportunity to get acquainted.

Plus with the bonus ‘Bring-Your-Bestie’ offer, where you and a friend can register for the price of one, you’ll find this is an amazing way to grow stronger together in friendship.

Grow Stronger Together…In Love is for you if…

  • You are sincere about upleveling your capacity to relate with a man in highly satisfying ways
  • You have a willing attitude and are open to growing into your best self
  • You’re ready for love but you don’t know what the heck else to do
  • You have a strong desire to grow romantically, which also directly uplevels your life both personally and professionally
  • You’re prepared to make a sincere commitment to investing your time and energy
  • You feel like you’re doing all the right things and not getting anywhere
  • You genuinely seek extraordinary love and are willing to discover for yourself a sense of power and ability to show up more authentically

And this is NOT for you if…

  • You’re uncomfortable being vulnerable and don’t really want to do your inner work
  • You’re not ready to be challenged
  • You’re looking for a quick fix
  • You’d rather blame men than take responsibility for your own happiness
  • You aren’t yet ready to grow up beyond immature ways of relating
  • You’re okay with withholding your truth or emotionally manipulating men
  • You are not willing to give yourself permission to step into a life that you create that brings out your best

Let’s Grow Stronger Together…In Love Now

Once you experience Grow Stronger Together…In Love, you will have everything you need to master your approach and realize more fulfillment to build intimate relationships.

If you are ready to make a change and finally create the loving relationship of your dreams, please join me in Grow Stronger Together…In Love. It is my sincere honor to be your guide.


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