Foundations of Extraordinary Love ™ is a transformational educational online group coaching program for highly evolved women

You already know that your thoughts create your reality. You have a sufficient understanding of your psychology. You’re spiritually aware, yet you just can’t help but feel as if there is a disconnect between what you know and what you actually feel and do when it comes to romance.

Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ walks women through a transformational online course designed to build a new framework for approaching relationships. Whether you are single or in relationship, this interactive experience will lead to a greater sense of personal empowerment and satisfaction.

This program takes into consideration the mental, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual levels involved in relationship happiness. You will learn how to cross the bridge from what you’ve previously known into what you sense deep in your heart is possible, leaving you more wholly integrated and available for the soulful partnership you long for.


Begin to truly manifest extraordinary love from the inside out.

This program will shine the light on the reasons behind your current experience of disempowerment, so you may learn from them and heal. When you discover how much power you have to make new choices, it allows you to grow into a woman who is truly available for love.

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You know deep in your heart that extraordinary love is possible.

As highly evolved women, many of us want extraordinary loving relationships.  Yet no matter how many years spent doing personal development work, many of us feel frustrated as to why we can’t apply what we know to be true in our relationships with men. Despite the best intentions, we may still be looking at love through the filter of fantasy, wishful thinking or perpetuating old family messages – whether spoken or unspoken. You know there must another way.

If you are one of these women, maybe you’ve tried everything – thinking that if you only read enough books, had enough therapy, gone to enough workshops or learned a bunch of manifestation techniques, your relationship challenges would be dissolved. Then you’ll finally be ready for ‘The One’ or your partner will magically morph into who you want him to be.


The truth is, it seldom works this way.

The problem that many women face in their relationships is that the conscious mind may be filled with great conceptual knowledge of what goes into a healthy relationship, but your actual relationships do not reflect what you know or who you truly are.

You may show up powerfully in your outer life, yet with men, you’d honestly feel embarrassed if people knew how much you argued, cried or just straight up regressed behind closed doors. You may feel impatient, resigned, or even worse, secretly judge yourself for still struggling in this area.

You know deep in your heart that extraordinary love is possible. You yearn to connect from a place of strength instead of blame or neediness, yet you feel ashamed that although you ‘know’ better, you can’t seem to get out of old reactive patterns that hold you back from experiencing what you most long for.

Because you are so self aware, much of this old patterning may still be unconscious and you may not even see what is holding you back.

You have a deep yearning for partnership beyond your wildest dreams, a desire to experience soulful companionship, to walk side by side with a man, feeling held and fully at ease, giving of yourself freely while maintaining an intact sense of self while wholeheartedly receiving the love that is here for you.

You recognize that the old model of relationships, where you would literally lose yourself in love, no longer serves you. You’re done with the painful drama and pray for a new possibility.

The mistake many well-intentioned women make is thinking that if they could only change their belief system, then lasting love will come in. After all, don’t the years that you’ve spent doing personal growth work reinforce this concept? This idea, coupled with how many relationship programs solely focus on helping you change your mindset, can create a lot of confusion. Your mindset is just the beginning. You may have many notebooks filled with good information, but that does not translate into genuine transformation.

The same can be said for popular dating resources that focus solely on behavior, ‘do this and don’t do that’. What’s not addressed is how to close the gap between forcing yourself to behave in new ways and the inner work necessary to genuinely empower the newer, healthier behaviors from a grounded and wholly integrated place.

This well-intended yet misguided approach can be exhausting, and many women are tired of all of the rules that suggest something must be wrong with you and that you need to be more healed, less attached, or just straight up different from who you are to win with men. You just want to be you.

Thankfully, there’s another way.


If you are not experiencing the quality of love you desire, there is a reason for it. It’s not that you are fated to be alone or that you’ve passed your prime. It’s because something is in the way, blocking your awareness from seeing clearly.

In reality, there is a sacred developmental process that a woman moves through as she learns to grow up, and show up, for love. Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ is the first step. This program takes into consideration that we are multi-faceted spiritual beings who transform from the inside out.

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Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ Opens You To New Possibilities

While many want loving relationships, few have learned the skills necessary to cultivate this experience of extraordinary love or how to cross this bridge from what you know into where you want to go.

This kind of love does not just happen to you. The more actively you show up for it, the more likely it will turn from hopeful possibility into a living probability because you are literally growing into a more genuine and authentic version of yourself.

Which is what we all really want. To be at ease in our own skin while shining our light.

You may yearn for the sweetness that only romantic partnership can give. You long for the calm that comes from feeling so deeply that someone has your back, the sense of safety and stability of knowing you’re not alone. You’re with someone who supports you in being your brightest self. It’s honestly one of my favorite things about being alive. I am grateful that I get to experience this depth of loving every single day in my relationship with my Nicholas.


This is precisely why I designed this program. For women who, like you, want to walk hand in hand with someone, a true partner, that has your best interest in mind. Who mirrors your strength, empowerment and magnificence. To experience the joys and the sense of support that healthy, loving relationships can provide.

Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ is the first phase of a powerful educational experiential process through which a woman of any age begins to discover the foundational elements involved in shifting from chronic disappointment with men into creating deeply satisfying relationships, beginning with her relationship to herself, whether single or in relationship.

This program walks you through the process of shifting your relationship paradigm by teaching you how to be available for transformation, which sets you up to be available for extraordinary love. This program aims to empower you with the tools, insights, and skills necessary to move you successfully in the direction of lasting love. This provides the foundational strength of heart, strength of spirit, and strength of backbone you need for co-creating a great relationship.

What you’ll learn during this experience:

  • Shine the light on what’s BEHIND your current experiences of dissatisfaction and learn how this stems from what you saw and experienced growing up. This helps you understand the key shift in awareness that helps you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be with men.
  • Become more conscious of what’s been in the way of your ability to truly integrate all of your years of personal development knowledge into genuine, embodied transformation within your relationships. You know you have the power to transform, now you’ll have the chance to integrate this power into your way of being.
  • Recognize how all relationships are built on reflective energy. The more you are a true and authentic expression of your wise adult self, the more you will draw in a man who is equally representative. You’ll watch the childish games fall away and deep satisfaction emerge.
  • Discover the lenses you need to look through for a successful relationship at every stage – single, dating or partnered. These key perspectives automatically shift your energy in a more clear, uplifted direction.
  • Understand the three core principles that serve as fundamental truths. If you aren’t able to get movement in your approach to your dating or relating experience, one or more of these likely need some attention.
  • Illuminate the three keys that influence your ability to truly transform from the inside out – so you don’t just learn more ‘stuff’. You actually grow beyond what you’ve known and into what is possible. These tools of awareness are game changers. You’ll learn new ways to respond when negative thoughts or beliefs creep back in so you can create more empowered ways of relating from the inside out.

My intention is to support you in walking your journey grounded, connected and showing up for yourself in new ways from the start. Together, we will rebuild the entire foundation you stand upon so you are stronger, and more secure and confident in your life overall, especially in your experiences with men.

I know it works because I lived it.

Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ was born out of my 20+ years of research in the realm of relational psychology and thousands of hours of working with women, who have sat across from me, expressing their utter confusion as to why their relationships feel so difficult given how much work they’ve already done on themselves.

This is the EXACT process I led myself through before I met the love of my life, Nicholas. I called it My Laboratory of Love, where I became a researcher of my own experience. I dove into deconstructing my entire relationship paradigm and figured out how to rebuild a new one. This is what got me to the other side of the river and helped me recover from the pain of past sexual abuse, crippling anxiety attacks and fear of abandonment and healed my mistrust with men. This is why I can confidently say that it works, if you work it.

The more I did this foundational inner work, the more I was no longer choosing men that were bad for me, that re-triggered my history of abuse. Amazing men started coming in instead. The best part was, because I was doing this inner process, it became easier to naturally begin showing up in new ways because I was becoming more integrated and more me.

Previously, I had thought it would be agonizing to behave in new ways, and I’d have to ‘fake it til I make it’. What I found was that as I transformed my inner world, and grew more connected to myself, it was like magic to watch the quality of men who reflected the new me, the truer me.

This is not about working harder on yourself, it’s about seeing more clearly and listening to what is alive in your heart.

It’s about learning to relate to relationships from a place of empowerment, authenticity and strength.


What you will receive during this program:

  • In-depth, transformational educational training modules with me, Gabriella. I’ve been to the bottom and back with men. I’ve been abused and misused, hurt, broken-hearted; I’ve begged, cheated, lied, sobbed, panicked and found a way to pick myself up and grow stronger through it. Plus, my relationship with Nicholas is living proof of what’s possible.
  • Video group coaching calls, so you can receive live, personalized coaching from me and feel supported and held up by your fellow journeyers. This is how we grow stronger together by showing up and being seen both in our glory and our vulnerability.
  • Experiential worksheets and weekly ‘Lovework’ exercises, so you can put what you learned to practice and integrate these awarenesses into your very way of being.
  • Private Facebook Group to share where you are at and to receive attention from me along with specific guidance on how to connect with your fellow community of women who are walking this path together.
  • Sisterhood. You’ll be part of a living model for healthy relationship skills that we will be practicing together. Women everywhere are learning how to shift beyond competitive jealousy or bonding solely over their problems. They are rising up, standing together, and becoming a source of inspiration and genuine support for one another. As the Dalai Lama said, ‘The world will be saved by western women.’ We are creating a community of sisterhood that models this change, beginning with ourselves, how we relate to each other which further allows us to receive incredible support from our partners.

I invite you to join me in the next session of Foundations of Extraordinary Love™.

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