A highly experiential, intimate online coaching program
A conscious, loving relationship with someone who matches you on all levels is possible…

As a self-aware, successful woman, do you:

  • Know in your heart that you are made for deep and lasting love. You’ve created success in your world and a loving relationship has been what’s missing to complete the experience you want for your life.
  • Yearn for a feeling of safety and being fully seen, loved, and adored. You long to experience a conscious relationship with a man that is your biggest advocate of your strength and embraces you with his loving support at home.
  • Wonder if what you want is even possible. The men you’re attracting aren’t aligned with your vision for what you want in your life – or maybe there are no men coming your way at all.
  • Keep waiting, hoping and praying – yet years go by and you’re still single.
  • Feel confused about what’s realistic to expect. You wonder if you’re being picky and fear you need to settle.
  • Wonder why you feel frustrated, confused or shut down with men. You miss the strong connection with a partner and fear you’ll never be with someone that provides you with that long term.
  • Worry that your wealth and success is too intimidating, but aren’t willing to settle for less than you deserve in a conscious relationship.
  • Feel tired of the messaging that reinforces false beliefs that “time is running out” and “there aren’t enough conscious men”.
  • Struggle to stay positive with messaging that “you’re not healed enough” and “you must be blocked”.

Like many conscious women who have done a lot of personal development work, you may feel overwhelmed or unclear about what steps to take to genuinely experience this. Maybe you feel frustrated by how a long-term, loving partnership seems elusive. If you’re in a relationship, it’s just not fulfilling.

If you’re feeling any of these things, the good news is: you are not alone.
If you’ve tried everything and you haven’t been able to crack the relationship code yet you just know that extraordinary love™ is available to you,

What I want you to know is this:
You may be on the verge of one of the biggest breakthroughs in your life.

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Statistically, conscious, bright and talented women do have a more challenging time calling in love and I’m committed to helping shift this paradigm.

Here’s why:

Your consciousness has exceeded where you’re psychologically integrated – especially in the areas of love and intimacy.

You’re likely still taking cues from the past, based on what you witnessed growing up, and are subconsciously behaving with men in ways that reinforce these old stories.

These stories consist of old messages, negative beliefs and limiting assumptions that all determine what you experience in relationships.

Messages that:

  • Tell you what is or isn’t possible, about what you can expect to settle for and tolerate in a relationship, ranging from fidelity to trust to honesty to boundaries to roles men and women play.
  • Are deep-seated and create feelings of unworthiness or a sense that there is something wrong with you, even though you consciously know better.
  • Stem from old beliefs you have about how you or others ‘should’ be in order to be lovable, and fears about being “too much of this” or “not enough of that”.
  • Are old beliefs about marriage that tell you you’ll lose yourself in love – that it’s weak to rely on someone else, that men are untrustworthy, or that you’ll always be alone.
  • Show up in relationship patterns where you either get hooked by ‘potential’ and pull in men that need to be fixed, don’t let anyone get too close or attached to soon for fear it’s to the wrong person, or you attract financially or emotionally unstable men – or no men at all.

All of these stem from what you absorbed growing up and are at the core of your relationship challenges, influencing how you relate to trust, handle conflict, deal with emotional upsets, and how you speak up for what you want or need.

Whether it’s old messages, limiting stories, or negative beliefs, these all subconsciously influence how you behave with men in ways you may not even recognize.

The good news is, you can learn how to let these go and create a new experience of relationship.

“It’s my intention to give you everything you need to completely transform the future of your relationships into a beautiful love story.”
– Gabriella Taylor

Do you:

  • Find yourself exhausted by how hard you try to make it work with men? After all of the years of dating, therapy, and prayer, you’d think it would be easier by now. You can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with you.
  • Feel disempowered by how much you still lose your identity in relationships, even though you know better? You can’t seem to stop adapting yourself to how you think he wants you to be, rather than just being your strong, empowered self.
  • Long for more intimacy and connection in your life? No matter how much work you’ve done on yourself, you still feel separate and alone from others.
  • Feel your emotional reactions to men are, at times, out of control? Your behaviors don’t match what all of your years of personal growth have taught you.
  • Feel excited and hopeful when you uncover a big ‘aha’ that helps you break through old patterns, only to feel impatient when these patterns still come up?
  • Feel inauthentic as a conscious woman, coach, or transformational leader yourself? You feel overwhelmed and ashamed at how much you still struggle behind closed doors with men. How can you truly help others if you don’t have a handle on resolving your own challenges with men?

Many of us have spent our life committed to our personal development and awakening, knowing that relationships are integral to our path. While we’ve seen progress over the years, we can’t help but wonder if there’s something we’re missing. Our minds wonder what we are doing wrong, yet in our hearts we know that we were born for something extraordinary.

Do you wonder why that is?

Why women, just like you can’t seem to “get it right” with men?

After all of the years of commitment to your personal growth, why it still feels difficult?

Why you still feel confused, frustrated, emotionally regressed at times or worse… bitter or hopeless?

You may think that the reasons you haven’t been able to experience the love you long for is because there aren’t enough good men or you’re doing something wrong.

Yet the truth is: if you are not experiencing the quality love you desire, there’s a reason for it. It’s not that you are fated to be alone, that you’ve passed your prime or that it’s too late. It’s because something is blocking your awareness from seeing clearly.

Whether you have been feeling:

  • Frustrated, hopeless or alone
  • Stuck in a cycle of dating unconscious or unavailable men
  • Confused about what you’re doing wrong when it comes to finding true love
  • Unable to fully let go of an ex
  • Unhappy in your current relationship

Know that no matter what your circumstances have been up until now, it is 100% possible to experience lasting love.

At last, a breakthrough approach for successful, self-aware and spiritual women to create an extraordinary, loving relationship.

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Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ is the first step. A highly experiential, intimate online coaching program that will teach you the 5 keys you need to attract conscious love.

Men and women everywhere are seeking a new experience of love where the energy is no longer spent on emotional drama and pain.

It’s not just a desire to have great sex or a movie companion, either. It’s an impulse to self-actualize, to discover our gifts and express our genius, and contribute to making the world a better place.


By being a living example of what’s possible within a relationship that is a match on all levels – emotionally, financially, spiritually, mentally and physically.

Imagine the possibilities if all the energy that was once poured into cycles of old relationship dynamics was channeled into living out your highest expression.

Imagine what impact you could create if you were fully supported by someone who cares about your needs as much as their own and sees you through the eyes of love?

No matter what your history or circumstances have been up until now, it’s 100% possible for you to experience a healthy, loving relationship.

“I’ve been single for years. Ever since graduating from FEL, now I’ve got men all around me! I am talking to them from my heart and speaking up for what I need. Even yesterday, the workers at my house were falling all over themselves to help me! I’m calling in men now that are watching over me, that are wanting to protect and provide for me. Men are wanting to show up and I am even enjoying intimacy with men that is not sexual – feeling safe, adored, looked over, protected. I know my backbone is solid. I know I’ve got myself.” – Lilith

I’m Gabriella Taylor, and I’m taking a huge stand for creating a new model for relationship where women are empowered and men are deeply appreciated. A model where relationship mirrors our light, strength, and glory, instead of our shadow – our pain or unresolved issues.

It all began after an overdose that led to a coma which led to a spiritual awakening which led to my buying an over-sized LL Bean backpack and a one-way ticket to Spain for $300, which began a solo pilgrimage around the world at a time before Google, email or cell phones.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, I started my career in India in 1994, where I began immersing myself in the art and science of transforming consciousness and my facilitation training began – with myself as my first true test subject. As I was learning these powerful technologies, I dove into deconstructing my entire relationship paradigm and figured out how to build a new one, which allowed me recover from the pain of past sexual abuse, crippling anxiety attacks, and fear of abandonment. This process helped me find myself and repair my mistrust with men.

In essence, I’ve binged and purged, been abused and misused, been locked up and on lock down;

I’ve hooked up and been stood up, messed around and settled down.

I’ve begged and pleaded, cried and cheated, chanted and prayed and I know what it takes to rise.

Now, as a Relationship Specialist and Professional Coach, I spend my time serving a handful of highly committed private clients, create personalized retreats in Hawaii, and lead people through The Journey of Extraordinary Love™, which is a sacred, psycho-spiritual developmental process that a woman moves through in order to grow up, and show up, for love.

Many self-aware women like you recognize that something needs to change to bring their prayer for love into reality. They realize they need guidance at a higher level of support. I’m here to pave the way for your transformation and show you how to call in your own extraordinary love™.

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Foundations of Extraordinary Love™:
A Breakthrough Approach For Successful, Self-aware Women Seeking A Conscious, Loving Partnership

During the Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ Online Course, you will:

  • Become Crystal Clear on your Vision of Love. You’d be surprised by how most conscious women don’t really know what to look for in a man. Instead of pushing away conscious, loving, supportive partners with checklists and unrealistic standards, you’ll create and ground in a vision that begins to call in your ideal relationship now. Once you do, you’ll be amazed at how quickly it manifests.
  • Release Your Limiting Beliefs About Men & Partnership. If you’ve ever said “all the good men are taken” or “there are no good men”, felt somehow unworthy of love, or have found yourself assuming that you have to choose between career success and having a great relationship, you’ll learn how to transform these limiting beliefs are standing in the way of the love you deserve.
  • Rewrite Your Love Story. Your “old love story” is the story you’ve been telling yourself and others about why you can’t have a great love, and it’s based on your past history. The story that you have to create the same relationship over and over again is NOT TRUE! By challenging these old stories and learning to break free from these old patterns, you will release the cycle of settling and be open and available for true intimacy and love.
  • Expand Your Capacity For Love. Chances are, you’re a smart, successful and independent woman, but you’re worried this is intimidating to a man or that there aren’t any men that can match you on all levels. By going through this revolutionary process, you will learn how to expand your capacity to receive intimacy, love and connection. You CAN remain a powerful woman and feel safe being vulnerable and open to support, adoration, and love.
  • Become Radiant and Attractive To Conscious Men. Lots of old dating advice or “rules” actually REPEL conscious men. You may be giving out signals that you are entirely unaware of. Learn how to show up without dimming down your intelligence, your success or your power through creating healthy boundaries and learn how to speak up for what you need and want. Through our step-by-step process, you’ll create non-negotiables and deal breakers, as well as discover your ability to source yourself from your feminine radiance – which attracts healthy, mature men.

A conscious, loving relationship with someone who matches you on all levels is possible.

Most programs try teaching you how to attract love.

But this revolutionary approach teaches you how to successfully navigate a healthy, loving relationship based on who you become through the process – a more radiant, authentic, and empowered YOU.

Even though studies may say it’s harder for conscious women to meet a good match, I’ve discovered exactly what it takes to shift this and have identified the #1 reason behind this challenge.

Whether your experience has been colored by heartbreak, frustration or deep feelings of stuckness, or you’re optimistic, yet nervous, you are in the right place.

No matter what your story has been, I promise, if you are ready and willing to truly create extraordinary love.

You can do this, I promise.


When you join Foundations of Extraordinary Love™, you will receive:

  • 8 weekly transformational teaching modules: On each call, you will be walked through the step-by-step process of creating a relationship that you deserve.
  • 8 weekly live group coaching sessions: You’ll join a cozy virtual sanctuary of love surrounded by other open-hearted and strong-hearted women.
  • Exclusive support and individualized feedback: You’ll receive personalized guidance from me, Gabriella, during our live group coaching to integrate and shift powerfully in your love life.
  • 8 weekly guided lovework and reflection questions: downloadable “lovework” assignments that help you apply what you’ve learned so you may receive maximum benefits
  • Exclusive access to our private online community: a members only Facebook group filled with intimate sisterhood where you will be safe and supported to ask questions, celebrate breakthroughs, and ask for support from our close knit group

Plus, these powerful bonuses:

BONUS “The Power of Crystal Clear Intention” Workshop: begin your transformational journey by setting deep intentions and creating a powerful connection with your Extraordinary Love™ sisterhood to receive the most out of this program.

BONUS “Clarifying Your Relationship Action Plan” Workshop: Receive an extra bonus session at the end of the course to celebrate your growth and courage as we reflect on the measurable progress you have experienced


“My dating reality has changed – which is HUGE. It can feel very isolating and alone to not be part of the couple experience – as women we default to thinking we are at fault or wrong with us. FEL lifts women out of that and restores a sense of security.”  – Bonne

I invite you to join me in the next 8-week session of Foundations of Extraordinary Love™. Receive a whole new level of understanding about your power to transform your relationship story and connect with your true self.
Our next session begins January 2020 – make sure to join our WAITLIST NOW to get exclusive access before anyone else.

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Begin Your Journey to Extraordinary Love™ Now

If you are ready to transform your relationship paradigm and create the loving partnership of your dreams — beginning with yourself — please join me in the next Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ course. It is my sincere honor to be your guide.

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