wisewoman:artHave you ever wondered why you may show up in many areas of your life as confident, self-assured and joyful yet often,  you show up as upset, apologetic, mistrustful, controlling, critical, disempowered, and disconnected from your core loving self with men?

Do you ever wonder where the real you goes when hurt feelings take over?

Maybe you are tired of being triggered all of the time, or feel somewhat trapped in your frustrations with men and you get snappy with men?

Or maybe you desire partnership and cannot understand why on earth you are still single and wonder if you are somehow repelling men – you try so hard to date in the right way and you just feel exhausted by this?


Or perhaps you become critical and bitter and emasculate men?


In this short 20 minute audio, I walk you through the reason behind why this feels so hard for so many women.


You will learn how this #1 distinction is the key that unlocks the mystery behind these common complaints I receive from women, just like you.


  • “I’m smart, successful in a lot of ways – why do I struggle with choosing the ‘wrong men’ that are emotionally unavailable and it turns into an unfulfilling chase where I am pursuing him or I’m just not excited by who I’m attracting!”


  • “What has me behaving in ways that keep unhappy in with men – is there something wrong with me? I’ve done SO much work on myself.  Everything else in my life is good except this one area.  I just can’t seem to crack the code!”


  • “My life is good overall, yet I’ve been single forever. When I get close to a man, I don’t like who I become behind closed doors because I get so triggered, or worse, needy.”


In this audio, I shine the light on what is behind these problems you just heard about, which ultimately keep you separate from what you say you want, and you’ll learn what you can do about them today – and start letting love in.


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