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Release Ritual as Self-Rejection? image

Hi Lovey, I’m standing wrapped in a towel, dripping wet after jumping in our pool as we are having a crazy heat wave in LA, typing away at my kitchen island, with sopping wet hair.  I felt inspiration come in so I leapt to attention to answer, slippery hands and all! I am approaching my 40th birthday next week and it feels like a big one for me. This little life of mine has journeyed through some wild lands of healing and releasing the effects of abuse and immense suffering in the past four decades and I am grateful to be entering into a chapter where wisdom, love and creative expression are my guiding lights. Where I know deep in my soul that ...

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The #1 Lie You May Be Telling Yourself About Intimacy image

Maybe you are anticipating a romantic getaway that your mate thoughtfully planned out for you, replete with love notes, flowers, and chocolates. Maybe you are relishing how adored and appreciated you feel. Perhaps you are finally experiencing the joyful simplicity of partnership. Maybe you are sick of feeling alone and your friends enjoying partnership are yet another big fat reminder of this. I hear that many of you are wondering why it may seem so hard to meet a good ‘conscious’ man or how to revive what went south between you and your hubby. I have a lot of women coming to me for coaching with relationship help these days. They are either single and seeking partnership, or are unhappy in their relationship ...

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Why ‘Drunk In Love’ Only Works for Beyonce (And How it May Be Getting You in Trouble) image

Remember the frenzied hormones and the awkward confusion about getting to first base, second base or third base as an adolescent? How intoxicating a first kiss could be? Attraction based on chemistry as a young teen is biologically designed to ensure that our species continues. This is driven by parts of our brain which seek survival through procreation, by diligently pumping us full of turned-on feelings. This happens through the biochemicals which only seek one thing - hot make out sessions and a sense of blinding, "oh I know I shouldn't/not ready/want to wait but it FEELS so good!" In my private coaching practice, I hear many single women in particular who are wanting lasting long-term partnership. Yet, they say they ...

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Free Audio Recording {Emotional Maturity} image

When It Comes to Dating and Relating, Who Are You REALLY In Love? Do you sometimes wonder how you can go from confident and empowered in your work, yet revert to an awkward girl when it comes to dating + relating? Curious how you can shift from feeling powerless to empowered in yourself and in your love relationships? These are some of the questions we answered together during this special free call with Relationship Expert and Professional Life Coach, Gabriella Taylor.  {Click here for the recording} Here’s What You’ll Learn During This Complimentary Call: Discover why so many women struggle to have what they really desire from men and what they can actually do about it. Decode your emotional upsets in relationships so you can ...

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Top 5 Red Flags That Block the Intimacy You Say You Want image

Growing up in an alcoholic home taught me so many rich and wonderful things about self-esteem and worthiness. Through a long and tortuous path of shame, insecurity, and misinterpreting my Pop's inabilities as meaning that there was something wrong with me, these all led me to discover home inside of me. I've learned to dig deep into self compassion. I've learned to stand up inside of myself, for myself. I've learned the value of strengthening 'spaghetti arms' -- (you know, Dirty Dancing) -- where my space begins and your space ends. I have learned how to say no when I mean no and say yes when I mean yes. I've learned to read the red flags and cues that the younger one inside of me ...

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