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Taking Off The Mask image

I remember memorizing the script from Teen Magazine on 'How To Act So A Boy Will Like You' in 7th grade. An actual script on what to say, how to behave, and what to wear. I was convinced that if I acted in the 'right' way, I would be accepted, loved, and seen for who I knew I was in my heart, yet often felt too shy to express. (Confession -- I still feel this way sometimes). I suspect many of us are united by early adaptation to the roles of appropriate behavior. Now applicable to our current business and our love lives, we’ve all internalized a script of how we should be. We are smart people. We think by perfecting our ...

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A Love Letter to Those That Are Here to Rise image

I am always amazed when I meet other women like me - I feel like we share a secret badge of honor that is not visible behind the blow-out or the LV handbag. We are the women who may appear successful, well put together, attractive, happy, and living good lives -- because we are. And we have earned it. What you don't see are the battle scars. We are the women that were abused when we were young, the ones who attempted suicide, did drugs, got raped or acted out our pain in wild ways. The survivors. I am sure you know these women. Maybe it was your sister. Your best friend. Your daughter. Maybe you are one of them. On the outside, things ...

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Conscious Uncoupling From a Friend? image

Thanks to Katherine Woodward Thomas, we all became familiar with the term 'Conscious Uncoupling' when Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin chose to divorce. I have always been rather messy inside when it comes to break ups. Churny feelings, fragmented thoughts, and a veritable feast of sensations. Over the years, I've marveled at the variety of hurdles I can unconsciously require others to surmount, as my own unique form of defensiveness and protection. This is all in order to actually allow someone in, and to vulnerably trust with my tender, sensitive heart. And once someone is in, they are IN. Deep. I attach, I devote, I love, I want, I need, I expect, I demand -- I know, all of the things we aren't ...

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How I Finally Got a 65 Year Old British Bitty Named Mavis To Get Naked image

This blog is devoted to Mavis -- who would be partially horrified and deeply amused if she was still with us and knew I was telling her story. Mavis took me into her sound healing community in the South of France at a time that I wasn’t feeling so hot, although the mid-July weather was blazing. I was mid-chapter in my epic global travels, inspired by a drug overdose which led to a spiritual awakening. I had picked up a French stomach bug that lasted for about six weeks and was giving me the most horrendous stomach pain and diarrhea -- all the things that bring a young 23-year old woman shame. I was left with a sense of being out ...

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