Foundations of Extraordinary Love™: A Breakthrough Approach For Conscious Women Committed To Love

This heartfelt program helps extraordinary women create a more authentic relationship with themselves, which opens them to creating a love relationship beyond what they’ve experienced before.

A relationship that mirrors your light, not your shadow.

No matter what your history or circumstances have been up until now, it’s 100% possible for you to experience a healthy, loving relationship.

In your heart, you just KNOW that you are made for deep and lasting love. You’ve created success in your world and a satisfying relationship has been the missing piece.

You long to be in a conscious relationship that gives you the space to shine your light out in the world, knowing that when you go home at night, you’re met by the warm embrace of your beloved.

You’re committed to your personal development. You’re reading books, taking programs, getting coached. You’ve already done so much work on yourself and yet, you’re still single. Or unhappy in a relationship.

Of course you don’t want to settle nor do you want to be alone.


If you’re single, maybe you:

You’re brilliant, you have a wonderful life and you have a lot to give. You know you don’t need a man to complete you, however you’d like to enjoy the closeness and intimacy that comes from a loving relationship…but a part of you is confused about what’s realistic to expect.

You were born to give and receive great love, yet you…

  • Continue to attract men that either aren’t a match, are unavailable — or no men at all.
  • Lack confidence — you feel insecure about your body, your age, your weight, your circumstances or the opposite, you feel surrounded by men that are not your equal.
  • Feel frustrated by how much you still lose yourself in love. Even though you know better, you can’t seem to stop adapting yourself to how you think he wants you to be.
  • Are exhausted by how hard you try to make it work. After all of the years of dating, therapy or prayer, you’d think it would be easier by now.
  • Feel your emotional reactions to men are at times, out of proportion. You feel emotionally young when hurt feelings take over.
  • Feel inauthentic. Do you walk around confused as to why you can’t show up in your radiance and maturity with men?

Every conscious woman I’ve worked with has experienced these fears and concerns along her journey to extraordinary love™.

Like many women who’ve done a lot of personal development work, you may feel overwhelmed or unclear about what steps to take to genuinely experience this.

Maybe you feel frustrated by how a long-term, loving partnership seems elusive. Or, if you’re in a relationship, it’s just not fulfilling.

At last, a breakthrough approach for successful, self-aware and spiritual women to create an extraordinary, loving relationship.

In the meantime, you try and focus on the positive, yet you’re still waiting – waiting for something to happen, for ‘him’ to walk in or for your partner to change.

Here’s the deal: Statistically, conscious, bright and talented women do have a more challenging time calling in love and I’m committed to helping shift this paradigm.

If you just know that extraordinary love™ is available to you and now you are ready, I want you to know you’re not alone.

Whether your experience has been colored by heartbreak, frustration or deep feelings of stuckness, or if you’re hopeful yet nervous, you are in the right place. Many women feel this way when we begin our journey.

No matter what your story has been, I promise, if you are ready and willing to truly create a loving, committed relationship, you too, can do this.

You have the power to transform your relationship story, manifest the love of your life and enjoy the sweetness and support that you deserve.

No matter what your history or circumstances have been up until now, it’s 100% possible for you to experience a healthy, loving relationship.

You have the power to transform your relationship story, manifest the love of your life and enjoy the sweetness and support that you deserve.

You’re brilliant, you have a wonderful life and you have a lot to give. You’re independent, you know you don’t need a man to complete you, however you’d like to enjoy the closeness and intimacy that comes from a loving relationship…but a part of you is confused about what’s realistic to expect.

You were born to give and receive great love, yet you…

  • Continue to attract men that either aren’t a match, are unavailable — or no men at all.
  • Lack confidence — you feel insecure about your body, your age, your weight, your circumstances or the opposite, you feel surrounded by men that are not your equal.
  • Feel frustrated by how much you still lose yourself in love. Even though you know better, you can’t seem to stop adapting yourself to how you think he wants you to be.
  • Are exhausted by how hard you try to make it work. After all of the years of dating, therapy or prayer, you’d think it would be easier by now.
  • Feel your emotional reactions to men are at times, out of proportion. You feel emotionally young when hurt feelings take over.
  • Feel inauthentic. As a conscious woman, you may even be a coach, therapist or transformational leader yourself, yet you feel overwhelmed or even ashamed if people really knew how much you still struggled behind closed doors with men. How can you truly help others if you haven’t gotten a handle on resolving your own pain? Do you walk around confused as to why you can’t show up in your radiance and maturity with men?

Every conscious woman I’ve worked with has experienced these fears and concerns along her journey to extraordinary love™.


For as successful, confident and self-aware as you are, why has it been so hard to create the long-term, loving relationship you deserve?

You’re committed to your awakening and you yearn for that feeling of safety that comes from being with someone who truly ‘sees’ and adores you.

However, when you look into your love life, it doesn’t match this vision of love you carry in your heart.

There’s this disconnect, where you show up powerfully in your world, yet your experiences with men bring out confusion or frustration… or even worse, you feel hopeless and unsure how to move forward.

You wonder why, for as much success as you’ve created in your profession and as devoted as you are to your growth – you haven’t been able to manifest love?

Your mind may wonder if there’s something that you’re missing, yet in your heart you know that you were born for something extraordinary…

Do you wonder why that is?

  • Why amazing women who are dedicated to their own empowerment can’t seem to “get it right” with men?
  • Why after all of the years of hard work, it feels so difficult or confusing?
  • Why capable and accomplished women still revert to feeling disempowered, emotionally regressed or have just plain given up?

What will it take to actually transform these obstacles into stepping stones and create the relationship of your dreams?

We all want a relationship that brings out our best – yet many of us feel it brings out our worst.

Most of us think that the reasons we haven’t been able to experience the love we long for is because there aren’t enough good men or that we’re doing something wrong.

“Until we make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”- Carl Jung

In reality, studies DO show it is more difficult for conscious women to find love.

And here’s why:

Your consciousness has exceeded where you’re psychologically integrated – especially in the areas of love and intimacy.

You’re likely still taking cues from the past, based on what you witnessed growing up, and are subconsciously behaving with men in ways that reinforce these old stories.

These stories consist of old messages, negative beliefs, and limiting assumptions that all influence what you draw towards you in relationship.

  • Behind the scenes, these old messages tell you what is or isn’t possible, about what you can expect to settle for or tolerate in a relationship ranging from fidelity to trust to honesty to boundaries to roles men and women play.
  • Some of these messages are deep-seated and create feelings of unworthiness or a deep sense that there is something wrong with you, even though you consciously know better.
  • Or you might have old beliefs about how you or others ‘should’ be in order to be lovable, or fears about being too much or not enough.
  • Or you may have old beliefs about marriage that tell you you’ll lose yourself in love, it’s weak to rely on someone else, or that men will leave you and you’ll always be alone.
  • These also show up in relationship patterns where you get hooked by ‘potential’ and pull in men that need to be fixed, you don’t let anyone get too close or attach to soon to the wrong person, or you attract financially or emotionally unstable men – or no men at all.

All of these stem from what you absorbed growing up and are at the core of your relationship challenges, and influence how you relate to trust, handle conflict, deal with emotional upsets and how you speak up for what you want or need.

The good news is, you can learn how to let these go and create a new experience.

If you are ready to get to the next level, to truly create something outside of where you are or have ever been — the first step is that you need to be creating from inside a new story of possibility in relationship— and discover ways to show up in your world that reinforce this new story.

A New Paradigm For Love

The fact that you’re still struggling with relationships is a signal of how you are alive during a pivotal time of evolutionary awakening on this planet, where our very model for relationships, which has been filled with emotional drama,is collectively changing for everyone.

Millions around the world are feeling this impulse like you. The urgency you feel is a calling – a calling to do your part to transform your relationships into a safe space that lifts you higher, and this requires you redefine your model of relationship and your role within them.

It is time to release the shadow masculine and shadow feminine power dynamics that create mistrust and pain and instead, transform how we relate to one another to a way that raises our consciousness.

Whether you know it or not, you may be stuck in a cycle of replicating or rebelling against the model you were shown. Your relationships, or lack thereof, are a reflection of this unconscious dynamic.

In order to rise into the magnificence you are capable of and truly experience sacred partnership, you must go inward to let go of the old story, conditioning, beliefs, and ways of being before you can call in a new possibility.

And this is precisely why I’m here. I help women like you create a relationship that matches who you are TODAY – successful, conscious, radiant, in your prime, flourishing – and not what your past relationships have been.

Even though studies say it’s harder for conscious women to meet a good match, I’ve discovered exactly what it takes to move past this statistic and shift this, and have identified the key reasons behind this challenge. I’ve dedicated my life to teaching women, just like you, how to beat the odds and call in a relationship that is fully aligned.

If you’re feeling any of these things, the good news is: you are not alone.

If you’ve tried everything, yet you haven’t been able to crack the relationship code and you just know that extraordinary love™ is available to you,

What I want you to know is this:
You may be on the verge of one of the biggest breakthroughs in your life.

A Healthy, Secure, Loving Partnership Is Possible For You

The truth is, you were made for a loving relationship. The yearning you have for deep, profound love is real and it is safe to trust it.

You deserve to be cherished and adored, to be with someone who has your back – who is devoted to your well-being just as much as their own.

Imagine a partnership where you are cherished and adored by a man who supports your success, looks out for your well-being, and lifts you into your best, most radiant femininity.

Imagine relaxing into a relationship with someone who matches you where you’re at spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially – in full, total alignment.

Imagine a quality, fulfilling partnership with someone that you are excited each day to share your life with… enjoying walks together on the beach, lazy Sunday mornings in bed where your belly can relax, or cuddling on the couch comfortably in silence.

Imagine how supported you will feel being with someone who is there for you to listen attentively at your difficult times, and hold and take care of you when you need nurturing.

Being with Nicholas is the best part of my life. With the constancy of his love, I feel I can actualize my highest potential because I know how deeply supported I am.

I’m so grateful for the time I invested in preparing myself for this sacred partnership – it has been so worth it. I want this for you, too.

A breakthrough approach, using modern psychology, spiritual principles, neuroscience and peak performance tools to create a secure, healthy and intimate partnership, for the rest of your life.

How Do I Transform My Relationship Paradigm?

Foundations of Extraordinary Love is the first step. My signature short-term program teaches you to manifest a loving relationship from the inside out by creating a strong, internal foundation that you can build a healthy relationship upon.

This program will shine the light on the reasons behind your current experience of disempowerment, so you may learn from them and heal. When you discover how much power you have to make new choices, it allows you to grow into a woman who is truly available for love.

Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ is a transformational online program for a small group of conscious women, whether single or in a relationship.

This breakthrough approach walks you through the key steps to create a relationship that matches you on all levels.

In my pioneering work over the past 20+ years within the fields of transforming consciousness, I’ve discovered the techniques and principles that go into creating lasting outcomes that result in extraordinary love™.

Not only have I seen this revolutionary approach work miracles for others, but the reason this is my area of mastery, is because of my own personal experience.

Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ was not only born out of my decades spent in the realms of relationship psychology and the hundreds of women I’ve helped, but I also lived it.

This is the EXACT process I led myself through before I met the love of my life, Nicholas.

Back in 2005, after a painful breakup, I was so hungry to have a different experience from what I had known before. I devoured every program, workshop, teaching I could get my hands on, in hopes that they could help me call in the love of my life.

Yet, it seemed to be that they were either focused on what I should or shouldn’t say and should or shouldn’t do to attract a man. They just felt disingenuous — I just wanted to be myself. I just felt frustrated at times because these programs suggested that all my issues needed to be healed before I’d meet ‘the One’.

Since I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I created my very own ‘Laboratory of Love’, where I became a researcher of my own relationship experience.

I dove into deconstructing my entire relationship paradigm and figured out how to build a new one. This is what allowed me to genuinely create a story, a new experience, helping me to recover from the pain of past sexual abuse, crippling anxiety attacks, a core fear of abandonment, and heal my mistrust with men.

I can say with confidence that this works if you work it.

The more I did this foundational inner work, the more I was no longer choosing men that were bad for me and who re-triggered my history of pain. Amazing men started coming in. The best part was, because I was doing this inner process, it became easier for me to naturally begin showing up in new ways with men because I was becoming more integrated in myself as a woman.

Previously, I had thought it would be agonizing to behave in new ways and that I’d have to ‘fake it til I make it’. Yet what I found was, as I transformed my inner world and grew even more connected to myself, it was like magic to watch the quality of men who reflected the new me, truer men, come in. Within just over a year, I met my Nicholas.

I was so excited by what I had discovered.

This changed my entire life, and I knew I was onto something.

I was seeing how many women were spending years unsuccessfully trying to navigate relationships and I wanted to help women speed up the process and share what I discovered. So, I conducted over 1000 hours of research interviews with women just like you, who had spent years investing in their growth, yet still suffered in relationships with men.

I’ve cracked the relationship code that opens you to lasting love, and I am so joyful to share this with you.

I’m giving you the powerful practices that I’ve not only used in my own life, but hundreds of women I have privately coached or who have taken my programs. I want to share with you everything I’ve got that has worked for me in a way that is designed to transform your entire relationship model.

Transforming your relationship model is a game-changer, yet it’s not easy to do.

My programs are designed to take your hand and walk you through this sacred journey, which has the power to shave off years of struggling and confusion so you too can experience the sweetness and riches of love.

Here’s what I know to be true:

Until we take the time to slow down and uncover what’s been unconsciously running us from behind the scenes, chances are, things won’t change. Especially if you are stuck in a cycle of being perennially single.

Maybe you want babies. Maybe you feel the clock ticking. Or maybe you just want to share the fullness of who you are with your beloved.

Discover the solution that works for conscious women and activate your innate ability to experience an extraordinary love™.

After coaching hundreds of women, creating my own successful partnership with Nicholas for nearly a decade now, and spending over 1000 hours conducting research interviews with conscious, successful women who yearn for extraordinary love™, I’ve discovered the EXACT process that works for women like you.

And the results have been phenomenal.

“My relationship with my partner is changing as I’m bringing new conversations and maturity.” — Valerie

“I am enjoying intimacy with men that is not sexual- feeling safe, adored, looked over, protected… Men are everywhere!” — Lilith

“I see that I am able to have more compassion for myself and Jonny — especially when we are fighting. The other day I saw that both our “little kids” were fighting each other, and it allowed me to take a step back and pivot the conversation to one that was more loving and supportive of us both. We are communicating well. We are a team. I am better at asking for what I want or need — it feels more fun and loving, uplifting and sweet. I’m able to ask more softly yet directly.” — Elsie

“My dating reality has changed, which is HUGE. It can feel very isolating and alone to not be part of the couple experience — as women we default to thinking we are at fault or wrong with us. FEL lifts women out of that and restores a sense of security.” — Bonne

After seeing how many women were spending years single or unsuccessfully trying to navigate relationships, I wanted to help women speed up the process and share what I discovered – that there is a predictable, psycho-spiritual process a woman of any age must go through in order to grow up, and show up, for lasting love.

Discovering the reasons behind why so many amazing women do not experience the loving relationship that reflects who they truly are, no matter how committed they are to their growth, and creating the solution for this, has been the single focus and fascination of my life’s work since 1994.

I’ve not only learned how to transform my own obstacles to healthy relationships, I’ve also discovered that in order to create extraordinary love™ with a partner who is a fit for you on all levels, there are 5 keys you must activate.

The 5 keys that open you to extraordinary love™ are:

Get Crystal Clear On What You Are Committed To Creating

Open the door to being with a partner that brings out your best, when in fact your ‘ideal man’ checklist may be blocking you.

Let Go of the Old Story and Be The Mirror of Truth For How Lovable You Truly Are

Unlock old beliefs, limiting patterns, and negative assumptions so you can create a relationship based on who you are today, not what your history taught you to be.

Expand Your Capacity For Intimacy

Connect to the power that frees you from the pain of disconnection and separation so you can attract a relationship that matches you on all levels and brings out your heart’s radiance.

Take New, Courageously Aligned Steps and Act As If

Open to a whole new possibility of being cherished and adored by representing yourself honestly and behaving in ways that are truly authentic for you.

Open Your Ability to Receive

Release yourself from stories of struggling and being alone, so you may be supported, loved and cared for in the way that you deserve.

It is my intention to give you everything you need to completely transform your longing for a relationship into a beautiful love story.

Most programs teach you how to attract love.

This revolutionary approach teaches you how to successfully navigate a healthy, loving relationship based on who you become through the process – a more radiant, authentic and empowered YOU.


The feedback I consistently receive is how there is no other program out there like this in the world.

Here’s why Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ is different:

  • Live and Interactive — our calls are live, interactive, and specifically tailored for your group, while many other programs are pre-recorded.
  • Lasting Transformation — this process was thoughtfully designed to move you through the learning process in ways that support your integration and embodiment of these principles.
  • Awareness and Insights — this program offers you the shared, safe space and homework to give you insights and answers, helping you grow into a woman open for love.
  • Lifelong Skills — instead of only teaching you how to call in love, you’ll learn what it takes to navigate a healthy relationship for the rest of your life.
  • Authenticity — popular dating programs focus on what you should say, do or how to act to “attract a man”, while I teach you how to manifest loving relationship from the inside out.
  • Support — studies show 80% of people don’t finish online courses, but here you’ll receive personal attention and the inspiration to succeed.
  • Sisterhood — you’ll be held within the safety of a small, intimate group of committed women where you get to grow stronger together and practice what you’re learning with each other.
  • Accountability — there’s a 95% success rate if you have regular check-ins and accountability, while many programs leave you on your own.
  • Visibility — it’s easy to feel invisible in group programs, so I’ve designed this for you to be seen and celebrated on every single call.
  • Feel Included — women sometimes feel alienated around other women, but here you’ll experience the sweetness of safety and belonging.
  • Personal Attention — you have the opportunity to receive personal coaching from me throughout the program.

“I really enjoyed the breakout sessions on Zoom as a way to connect more deeply with each woman.” — Elsie

“I liked the homework and the accountability of that.” — Renee

“The beautiful and powerful curriculum designed by Gabriella. This is revolutionary and so beautifully laid out. I felt so loved and held during the container, which I know is the energy brought by the one and only, Gabriella Taylor.” — Bonne

Discover the solution that conscious women use to succeed in relationships.
It’s not only about calling in love, it’s also about preparing you with the powerful skills you need to successfully navigate healthy relationships for the rest of your life.

In the Foundations of Extraordinary Love Online Course, you’ll grow into a more empowered version of yourself.

Successful relationships do not require you to be fully healed or have all your issues resolved. They require you to have a growth orientation to life, where you relate to your challenges as opportunities.

You’ll discover hidden strengths and abilities inside of you, where you’ll be able to…

  • Understand what triggers you to feel angry, sad, or hurt, and how to move through these emotions rather than stuffing them down by ignoring them or feeling the pain for weeks on end.
  • Let go of your painful past and consistent memories of relationship failures, feeling a sense of peace and tenderness where you once felt resentful.
  • Take care of yourself as a woman as you discover how to stay connected to your well-being, releasing thoughts of needing to find someone to cure your loneliness.
  • Feel fully empowered by your relationship trajectory and capable of creating a loving, satisfying relationship, no longer distorted by unhealthy patterns and beliefs.
  • Know what you want and need and know how to ask for it without feeling guilty or like you’re being a burden.
  • Have a brand new perspective in relating to men. One that keeps you empowered, confident, excited by the opportunities, and only available for attracting high quality love.
  • No longer feel torn between having to wait around for the right man to appear or settling for a relationship that doesn’t light you up on all levels.

As a result, you can leave relationships filled with cyclical arguments, familiar anxiety, consistent resentment, and insecurities in the past. You’ll pave the way to ensuring your next relationship is one of secure, nourishing, deeply intimate love.

These powerful practices have worked miracles for me and hundreds of others that I’ve coached, and I know they will for you too.

This is for you whether you’re preparing for the love of your life, or upleveling your existing relationship.

The most consistent feedback I receive from my clients is: “This work changed my life. I feel more like myself, and more clear about who I am— and who I am not. I am empowered, connected, and enjoying feeling cherished and adored by men!”

“I feel empowered and I have learned to let go and speak my truth. My boundaries are more healthy and clear. They are not charged by reactivity. As a result, I feel more empowered.” — Isabelle

“I am more clear about what I want and I feel more secure about myself. I am not afraid to ask for my needs and wants.” — Kazumi

“I am ready to date. I don’t feel scared about anyone leaving me.” — Renee

“The background of mistrust and jealousy is not running me anymore. — Yuri

In this program, you’ll be walked through all the steps you need to successfully transform your relationship model by me, so it matches who you are today, not what your past taught you to be or expect, so you can be in a relationship that meets you on your deepest level.

Discover the solution that conscious women use to succeed in relationships.
It’s not only about calling in love, it’s also about preparing you with powerful skills you need to successfully navigate a healthy partnership.

Receive Inspiration, Accountability, and Support on Your Journey to Extraordinary Love™

You’re probably aware by now that something needs to change to bring this prayer for love into a reality. You’ve already tried on your own and it hasn’t worked out in the ways that you had hoped.

The truth is this: Women who succeed in this area receive a higher level of support.

Transforming your relationship model is a game-changer, yet it’s not easy to do without a guide. Your ego is designed to keep you in your comfort zone — doing the same thing, yet expecting different results.

I’ve designed this program to ensure your success. Studies show that having accountability and receiving support increases success by 40-95%, which is why I offer this as an intimate group of powerful women.

“This is such an incredible space of powerful women. A space where I felt loved and cherished and was open to see myself and hold and uplift each other.” — Elsie

“The most valuable part of my experience in FEL has been connecting with other women who have gone through similar experiences and knowing that I’m not alone.” — Fariba

“The way the women are held in the zoom calls was so special,so different. I could feel the space was precious. The experience of being on the calls but being held and welcomed in the group of women, loved unconditionally, the presence of all the women-and me experiencing that, was powerful.” — Valerie

“Witnessing the way Gabriella listen and coach other people, I’ve never seen anyone can have so much compassion and patience.” — Kazumi

“Your flavor, vibe, and style is clearly for women, so much gentle care in what we are doing, this high level gentle care made it really safe for me. I need a high level of safety – I found that in the calls, the discussions, the lovework pdf’s- the questions in the exercises.” — Marisa

In a small group of committed women, you’ll get to experience all of my core teachings as you develop a strong foundation for rich and fulfilling relationships.

The process will delight and surprise you as you discover how much power you do have to create new possibilities.

This class is for women who are truly ready to use their past relationship challenges as a doorway to newfound levels of freedom.

You will stretch beyond your comfort zone and let Extraordinary Love™ in.


This deeply transformational program will enable you to develop a more grounded connection with yourself. You’ll complete the course feeling more empowered about what you can do to change your relationship trajectory. This frees you to manifest Extraordinary Love™ from the inside out, and feel confident as you walk into your destiny… and into the arms of your beloved.

Foundations of Extraordinary Love is a highly experiential, intimate short-term group coaching program

This means you can participate from anywhere in the world. The beauty of this is that it allows you to both move at your own pace in private and also join the group weekly in our virtual sanctuary of love, where we gather face-to-face and heart-to-heart. You get the best of both worlds — the comfort of your own home and the sense of connection that you receive when we can see each others eyes and hear each other’s voices.

You’ll also have the course curriculum and recorded sessions in your online portal to reference whenever you need.

Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ meets you where you are.

No matter what your story has been, you are welcome here.

While Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ is a group program, each woman is at a different stage of the journey based on her unique circumstances. This is designed to honor each one of our paths, yet still experience connection and support, no matter what.

Here’s where this journey will take us together:


Crystal Clear Commitment

On your journey to love, have you ever attached to the wrong person, only to end up feeling disappointed, or even angry at yourself for drawing that in… again?

Or perhaps you’re confused about what is realistic to expect in a partner. You don’t want to settle, yet aren’t sure if you’re being too picky or not setting standards high enough?

Do you feel uncertain about meeting someone new because you never want to go through what you did in the past…again?

Sometimes you think you’re committed to lasting love, when underneath it you may have uncertainty about what it means to actually be married or in lifelong partnership.

We use unrealistic standards to hide behind or we draw in emotionally unavailable men as a result of our own unconscious ambivalence.

ALL of these experiences are symptoms of having competing intentions where two parts of you may be committed to different things.

Your conscious mind may want a long term loving relationship, yet your subconscious mind has been committed to keeping you safe in your familiar comfort zone.

In this module, you’ll clarify what you are committed to creating, so you can easily attract a conscious partner who truly fulfills you, and ensure you don’t waste any more time or risk heartbreak with the wrong person.


Create Your Vision of Love

You’d be surprised by how most conscious women don’t really know what to look for in a man beyond chemistry or connection.

The Vision of Love that you carry deep in your heart is holy – yet for many, it is filled with wishful thinking that keeps you disappointed.

In this module, I will support you in picturing the ideal love that you long for and the way you want to show up in love, along with clarifying your “Hell-Yes’s’– your non-negotiable, must-have’s.

Instead of pushing away potential conscious, loving, supportive partners with checklists and unrealistic standards, you’ll create a vision that begins to call in your ideal relationship now. Once you do, you’ll be amazed at how quickly it manifests.

I’ll walk you through a three-part process that supports you in anchoring this vision into a grounded reality that clearly communicates to the Universe exactly what you want to manifest.


Awaken The Power Of Clear Sight

Do you sometimes wish you could just understand why you feel the way you feel, or react the way you do to men?

If you’re like most conscious, strong, gifted women who aren’t yet experiencing the love you desire with a conscious partner, chances are that some of the biggest blocks are mis-perceptions about men/women, and about marriage and partnership itself.

If you’ve ever said “all the good men are taken” or “there are no good men”, or felt somehow unworthy of love, or have found yourself assuming that you have to choose between career success and having a great relationship, these are indicators that misperceptions are standing in the way of the love you deserve.

Perception is shaped by beliefs and informs your experience in love—up until now.

In this module, you’ll be given the keys to open your eyes to a whole new perception, and you’ll learn how to transform these beliefs into ones that support your Vision of Love.


Transform Your Love Story

Your “love story” is the story you’ve been telling yourself and others about why you can’t have a great love, and it’s rooted in limiting assumptions based on your past history.

The story that you have to create the same relationship over and over again, because you ‘always’ get this or you’ll ‘never’ get to have that.

It’s based on what happened in your personal history, and has a limiting inner narrative that keeps you disempowered.

If you don’t challenge these old stories and break free from these old patterns, they will likely keep you alone forever or cause you to settle for a relationship that’s less than you deserve.

In this module, you will have the tools and the space you need to heal, and to let go of the past and move on to create a new future.


Uncover Your Intimacy Model™

Do you feel bound by always taking care of everyone else before yourself? Or that you need to do things all by yourself and can’t really let anyone in?

Do you find yourself repeating dynamics that you saw your parents play out? Or find yourself doing the opposite because you don’t want to be like them – yet you’re still not happy?

This is because of your Intimacy Model™. It’s what you witnessed in the grown-ups around you when you were a child.

If you haven’t yet created what you desire in the area of love, chances are these messages and beliefs are your #1 block to attracting and creating the intimacy that you desire.

In this module, you’ll connect the dots between how what you saw growing up is playing out in your relationships today.

You’ll begin to feel comfortable expressing yourself freely, while replacing shame and confusion for your feelings with compassion and empathy.

This process alone has the ability to take your power back by so you can learn how to create a healthy model for building trust, and safe space for you to bring out all parts of you.


Emotional Maturity:
Seeing Through The Eyes of Love

Do you wonder why expressing yourself authentically feels so difficult at times?

  • Maybe you over-emote or you swing to withholding or not handling things directly. Either way, communicating seems hard.
  • Or maybe you struggle with setting sexual, financial or emotional boundaries.
  • Or you swing from relying heavily on men to being overly independent.
  • Or maybe you’ve created dynamics in relationships where you’re giving more than you’re receiving.

Emotional maturity is the #1 key to relationship happiness.

Studies show most Western adults regress to the emotional maturity of a 12 year old in relationships.You might be the VP at work, yet you feel like you are in 7th grade when it comes to men.

By activating this process, you will learn how to connect to the power that frees you from the pain of disconnection and separation so you can attract a healthy, mature relationship that matches you on all levels and brings out your heart’s radiance.


Shine The Light on Your Loveprint™

Your relationship blueprint, or Loveprint™, is the design, that’s been behind the scenes guiding the entire course of your relationships.

It’s made of two parts:

The Inner Framework is your internal support structure and is mirrored to you by the Outer Form, the type of person or relationship dynamic you attract.

This module will guide you to break free of any old, limiting beliefs and patterns, such as attracting people who can’t give to you or fulfill your needs.

You’ll have the power to create a new Loveprint™ from which you can attract and receive the love you desire from a high quality partner.


Letting Go and Letting Love In: Open To A New Reality

The unconscious “rules” you have about dating may be causing you to give out signals that repel conscious men.

Learn how to show up without dimming down your intelligence, your success, or your power through creating healthy boundaries and being able to speak up for what you need and want.

Through our step-by-step process, you’ll discover your ability to source yourself from your feminine radiance – which attracts healthy, mature men.

Through a beautiful Release Ritual, you’ll release stories of struggling and being alone, so you may create inner harmony and respect.

A lot of powerful women have a hard time being vulnerable and open to receiving support, adoration, and love.

This is more likely to be the block to conscious love than a shortage of qualified partners.

The truth is, you CAN remain a powerful woman and feel safe being vulnerable and open to support, adoration, and love.

This revolutionary process will show you how to expand your capacity to receive intimacy, love, and connection – for the rest of your life.

Harvest Your Learnings Through Grounded Action

Now that your eyes are open to a greater possibility than you’ve ever known, this bonus workshop will clearly outline an action plan to support you in your next steps.

With a clear vision, solid boundaries, updated Intimacy Model™, having been released from years of past pain, and a new Loveprint™ to carry you into your journey, you’ll be empowered and prepared for a brand new relationship model and love story.

You’ll be amazed at how life opens doors to magic and miracles… and extraordinary love™.

Your romantic growth cannot exceed your personal growth. This program contains the perfect balance of transformative inner work and courageous action.

Here’s What You’ll Receive in Foundations of Extraordinary Love™:


Eight In-Depth Transformational Teaching Modules with Gabriella Taylor

In these teaching modules, you’ll discover the principles and practices that go into creating lasting transformation in your relationships from the inside out. This includes the key empowerment perspectives, principles, and precepts that open you to greater insights and healing. Each week, I’ll lead you through the course curriculum in these lessons, designed specifically to guide you through the step-by-step process of reclaiming your sense of empowerment and becoming open to experiencing Extraordinary Love™.

You get to sit back, relax, and soak it in as I give you the fruits of over 20+ years of work, study and practice.


Eight 120-Minute Live Group Coaching Sessions with Gabriella Taylor

All sessions are made downloadable after the live session.

In these intimate and healing sessions, I will offer live group coaching, exploring how to integrate the rich material you received in your modules and apply it to your unique life experience.

You’ll feel more connected and less alone as you witness each other growing and sharing openly, as you release yourself from old stories and beliefs about love and step into a fuller expression of who you truly are.

Just because we’re not in the same room (or country) doesn’t mean we aren’t connected. These live group coaching calls feel like being in a cozy cyber living room together. You will be comfortable in your own home, surrounded by other open-minded and strong-hearted women.


Guided Lovework & Reflection Questions

Each Module is paired with a “Lovework” assignment designed to help you apply what you’ve learned so that you may receive maximum benefit from engaging with the material even more fully. Each downloadable worksheet is filled with poignant questions that can be used as journal prompts and may be used alone or follow along with the audio recordings.


Exclusive Access to Our Vibrant Private Online Community

You’ll also be a part of our exclusive members-only Facebook group where you can engage with me and your fellow sister-friends. You can post your questions, share your wins, celebrate your breakthroughs, ask for support, and offer encouragement. This creates an incredible sense of community and connection as you each explore the principles you are learning together. You get to experience the power of shared sisterhood that comes through group participation in this transformational environment.

Additionally, I pop in throughout the week to interact. So, you’ll have lots of opportunity between our calls to get personalized attention and feel supported.


Plus, You’ll Also Receive These Powerful Sessions

The Power of Crystal Clear Intention

This session will give you the chance to clarify your intentions to kick-off a wonderful experience together before we officially begin. You will set powerful intentions on how you will show up for yourself and the women in the group. I will help you get clear on exactly what you want to receive from your experience in the program.

Clarifying Your Relationship Action Plan

Receive this session at the end of the course to celebrate your growth and courage as we reflect on the measurable progress you have experienced along with clarifying your next steps for support.


Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ walks you through the process of shifting your relationship paradigm from the inside out by teaching you how to be available for transformation, and therefore available for Extraordinary Love™.


The Power of Online-Group Synergy: Receive the powerful support you need along your journey of love

I teach these principles in person with my private clients, and since moving online, I’m excited by how my clients are now able to connect with one another around the world to collectively transforming the relationship model on this planet. This includes deepening your connections with other women to create strong bonds of sisterhood. Many find it deeply healing to practice growing up and showing up for love together while receiving support from within this community.

“I loved when we got to go into breakout rooms and do one-on-one with other women so we could take in the information and apply it and connect sweetly with all the other women.” — Kazumi

When you join Foundations of Extraordinary Love™, you ride the momentum of working in tandem with other dedicated, exceptional women. The networking and support systems are tremendous, and I look forward to seeing people continue to collaborate even after the program is over. These are your sisters and friends, as well as colleagues, so don’t miss the opportunity to get acquainted.

What bonds us together is a deep, soulful yearning for partnership. We long to experience relationships as a sanctuary which reflect our most authentic, loving selves. Many of us seek this higher love and sense that a relationship is indeed a path for our awakening and can serve as an incredible source of genuine upliftment and love. Now is the time to prepare ourselves to receive this.

“My dating reality has changed, which is HUGE. It can feel very isolating and alone to not be part of the couple experience — as women we default to thinking we are at fault or wrong with us. FEL lifts women out of that and restores a sense of security.” — Bonne

Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ walks you through the process of shifting your relationship paradigm from the inside out by teaching you how to be available for transformation, and therefore available for Extraordinary Love™.

Important Dates You’ll Want To Know:

Foundations of Extraordinary Love is a transformational online course.

  • The next session runs from October 2019 – Jan 2020
  • BONUS Live Welcome and Intentions Call on Wednesday, October 23rd from 5-7pm PT
  • Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions held over Zoom every Wednesday from 5-7pm PT.
  • October 30th
  • November 6th
  • November 13th
  • November 20th
  • November 27th
  • December 4th
  • December 11th
  • December 18th
  • BONUS extended Live Group Q&A Coaching Session after Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ ends on January 8th from 5-7pm PT

“FEL helped me with surrendering to destiny and learning the tools to work with myself, because it’s easy to get desperate or live a half life. FEL empowers women on this journey, especially if you are seeking partnership or in relationship because there is often so much misunderstanding. We are in a time of doing relationships in a new way so the experience can be different from how most of us were modeled. Takes a big leap of faith to really believe this for yourself.” — Bonne

You’re ready for Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ if…

  • You are truly ready to increase your capacity to relate to a man in soul satisfying ways
  • You are ready and willing to expand your capacity for intimacy and connection
  • You have a strong desire to live to your highest potential and to share your full self vulnerably with a partner who truly sees you
  • You’re able to make the commitment of showing up for each call and recording without distraction
  • You’re ready to dive deep into what’s no longer serving you and be supported in any discomfort that arises through your transformation

And, in all honesty, this is NOT for you if…

  • You’re uncomfortable being vulnerable and don’t want to do inner work
  • You’re not ready to be challenged and are looking for a quick fix
  • You would rather blame men than take responsibility for your own happiness
  • You’re okay with holding back your truth or emotionally manipulating men
  • You’re not willing to give yourself permission to step into your best life, filled with love, trust, and transformation


Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ Walks You into a New Possibility

What if you…

  • Knew your days of arguing, resentment, and emotional drama were gone for good because you have the skill-set and knowledge to communicate effectively with confidence
  • Could finally move past searching for what you needed to fix with yourself, feeling good enough and healed enough to receive your lifelong partner
  • Had a beautiful, conscious, loving, supportive relationship with a man who is as equally respectful of your success as he is of his own
  • Felt connected to your intuition so you knew when a man was a ‘keeper’ or if you’re just attracted to him based on chemistry, old conditioning, or feeling loneliness
  • Loved the dates you went out on with men who are attentive to your needs, engaging and entertaining, and intrigued you as much as you intrigued them
  • Knew that you were only an attraction magnet for high quality, successful, emotionally available men
  • Could let yourself be the vibrant, radiant, feminine woman deep down you know you are because you knew it was safe to be that open
  • Trusted yourself to not back down, hide how you feel, and say or be what you ‘think’ he wants for fear of losing him

Begin Your Journey to
Extraordinary Love™ Now

Foundations of Extraordinary Love, will open you to your power to transform your relationship story and connect with your true self.

If you are ready to transform your relationship paradigm and create the loving partnership of your dreams please join me in the next Foundations of Extraordinary Lovecourse.

One Payment of $995

Payment Plan – Two Monthly Payments of $525

It is my sincere honor to be your guide.



Please Read The Terms of Sale Before Registering:
By enrolling in the Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ online coaching program, you hereby authorize Foundations of Extraordinary Love™’s parent company, Gabriella Taylor Coaching, to charge your card for the full tuition amount of $995.00 in a one-time payment. (Or 2 monthly payments of $525.)
You understand and agree that all fees are non-refundable. In the event that you need to reschedule your attendance, you understand that you must contact within the first 14 days of the program to be rescheduled into the next session, pending availability.
You understand that Gabriella Taylor Coaching may record any and all Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ coaching sessions. You hereby agree to give Gabriella Taylor Coaching permission to utilize any written, audio or video recordings taken during said sessions in connection with its business operations.
You understand and agree that participation in this program is at your sole risk. As with any coaching program, your results may vary depending on many variables, such as your level of participation and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee any tangible results, nor are we responsible for your results. Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ takes time, honesty and dedication. We believe that we have created a learning environment for you to thrive, transform and achieve your desired results.

Frequently Asked Questions


I’ve already done so much personal development work on myself. How is this different?

The mistake many well-intentioned women make is thinking that if they can change their belief system, then lasting love will come. Your mindset is just the beginning. You may have many notebooks filled with good information and insights, but that does not necessarily lead to genuine transformation.

This program teaches you how to close the gap between forcing yourself to behave in new ways with the inner work necessary to genuinely empower the newer, healthier behaviors from a grounded and wholly integrated place.

Who is this program for? Can I take this even if I’m in a relationship?

This course is designed especially for successful, spiritual, and self-aware women from ages 30 up to 70 and beyond. You can be at any point in your dating spectrum or a relationship with a man and still receive the transformation it’s meant to provide. Whether you’re:

  • Single and longing to be in a relationship
  • Regularly dating, but unhappy with the quality of men you attract
  • Struggling to get over the pain and loss of your ex
  • In a long-term relationship questioning if you should stay or leave
  • In the early stages of dating someone
  • Married, but feeling ready for an affair or a divorce

You share the common intention with other women in the Foundations of Extraordinary Love™ program to create a conscious, lifelong partnership.

What happens if I miss a session?

It’s strongly encouraged that you make it a priority to show up for each session, but we understand that sometimes life happens. You’ll receive a recording within 24 hours of each session to watch and follow along with or revisit at your leisure.

What kind of support will be offered? Is there private coaching?

You’ll have the opportunity to apply for live, one-on-one coaching with Gabriella each week. You are encouraged to take inspired action based on what you’ve insights, awarenesses, and teachings you’ve learned each week and share actively within our private Facebook group. This is where you’ll receive great feedback and reflection on your progress, from Gabriella and your peers, as you integrate the Extraordinary Love™ principles and practices more deeply each week.


You’ll also have the opportunity to invest in private coaching with Gabriella.

What support is available if I get stuck, triggered or need guidance?

You’ll have the opportunity to apply for live, one-on-one coaching with Gabriella each week. If you get stuck or need guidance, our private Facebook group is a shared space available to you 24/7, where you can reach out to your fellow sisters for support. Gabriella will also be popping in throughout the week as well, so you can expect to be held in a supportive environment as you grow.


You’ll also have the opportunity to invest in private coaching with Gabriella.

Is there any homework? If so, how much time each week will I need to dedicate to get the most out of the course?

You’ll need to set aside a minimum of 30 minutes a day if you truly are committed to this process and want to see results. There are downloadable worksheets that will offer poignant questions for the awarenesses and insights you need to transform. These, along with practices, guidance, and teachings you’ll receive during each training and group call will also require your time to fully integrate them. These are the most effective way to create a new experience of love consider this time as sacred as being with your beloved.

How long will I have access to all of the materials?

You’ll have access to the training for a lifetime it’s available online! You’ll receive a note from us in advance if the program becomes unavailable in the future, allowing you to download the materials so you can keep them with you and deepen into your discoveries long after the program has ended.

Is my age a barrier to finding love?

The only thing that gets in the way for older women is their beliefs about what’s possible. Statistically speaking, people over 50 who are dating online actually have the highest success rate and the fastest success rate! No matter what your age, if you believe you are ready to open up to Extraordinary Love™, you have nothing preventing you from calling in the love you deeply desire.

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