That Honors The Whole Woman using Neuroscience and Spiritual Psychology 

Traditional psychology helps us understand how our mind works, with very little understanding of how the brain actually works. Fortunately, neuroscience shows us a new way.

Because of this, some psychological concepts can create a sense that parts of us are good and other parts are bad, which keeps us divided in our very relationship with ourselves.

To me, this is how we transform our culture from the inside out, by learning to bring harmony between the parts of ourselves that may seem polarized or conflicted – instead of relating to the parts of ourselves we don’t like with judgment, defensiveness and separation.

As we relate to ourselves – and one another – with curiosity and kindness, we are in fact, powerfully reshaping culture. 


Why i’m not your typical

My advanced training in cutting-edge neuroscience, helps to rewire your brain and transform beliefs at their core (and no, this is not through thinking new thoughts) through a neural phenomenon called ‘memory reconsolidation’ which frees you to form new beliefs about yourself, others and the world.

I’m an ordained non-denominational minister and hold a spiritual perspective that honors each of us as souls while viewing our personal challenges as spiritual growth opportunities. 

As a woman with a significant trauma history myself, I too, have walked the path of healing from sexual abuse, complex PTSD, and shame. I understand firsthand what it takes to rise.

Very few are equipped with the depth of training, knowledge and life experience that I offer. This is not just my job – this is my purpose and soul’s calling.





What makes my work stand apart from the other 24,000 life coaches in the United States?

At the heart of my vision is one where life on this planet is respected, honored and cared for

As women are valued and supported as equal to men, we become powerful catalysts for transformation, contributing to a kinder world through our influence. Whether it is by raising children who are loved, confidently leading with connection, compassion and collaboration, we inspire positive change in our homes, our communities and the global stage. Together, we shape a new possibility for our culture. 

One woman at a time.

We as humans are at a turning point. I feel the enormity of this. 

Our world does not need more knowledge or information.
What our world needs is more connection. Connection to ourselves, one another and this beautiful planet we call home.

What I’ve found over the course of over two decades of working intimately with female CEO’s, non-profit founders, company presidents, attorneys, doctors, moms, philanthropists, business owners — women are natural connectors, life-givers and leaders.

Whether you think of yourself as a leader or not, if your intention is to make things better – for yourself, at work, at home – you are a leader. 

Dear One,

I’ve had the privilege of living in and traveling to 37 different countries and I do see how we, as western women, have access to freedom, education and resources to truly make deep systemic changes.

I've coached extraordinary women who have been divorced, widowed or had abusive relationships, who've miscarried or lost children, who struggle with body image issues, shame, perfectionism and the pressure to overachieve.

What unites them is a desire to make a meaningful difference while being kind to themselves.

"Western women will save the world."

The Dalai Lama once said ,

While we women have unique skill sets, we also face distinctive challenges when addressing old systems that don’t like new ideas, including our own inner system that has been molded by a culture that taught us to second-guess or turn against ourselves, especially when we most need our own compassion.

Because of this, we need support. This is where my work comes in.

Whether it be support to help clarify what is yours to do at this pivotal time, quieting the critic who struggles with self-doubt, learning new skills necessary for effective communication and leadership, or helping build healthy, strong relationships, support is crucial. 

The time is now for both men and women to come into harmony and balance with this new way of being that honors the unique strengths we each possess.

together we rise.



A letter from gabriella

At 18, I bought a one way ticket to Spain for $300 and spent the next few years on a pilgrimage around the world – before cell phones and the internet!

I’ve walked on fire - a few times!

I’ve jumped out of an airplane (never again!)

I lived in a cave in Greece, a Buddhist Monastery in Thailand, a permaculture farm in Oregon and in a teepee in the Pyrenees

One of my favorite things is to feed my loved ones at a beautifully set table by hosting dinner parties.

I am a HUGE advocate for regenerative farming practices.

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  • Spiritual Psychology, Master of Arts, University of Santa Monica 
  • Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB), Accredited Specialist, PCPSI
  • Polyvagal Theory, Certified Practitioner, PVI
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS), IFSCA Level One 
  • Feminine Power Leadership Training, Mastery Graduate, Dr. Claire Zammit

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