I am always amazed when I meet other women like me – I feel like we share a secret badge of honor that is not visible behind the blow-out or the LV handbag.
We are the women who may appear successful, well put together, attractive, happy, and living good lives — because we are. And we have earned it.
What you don’t see are the battle scars. We are the women that were abused when we were young, the ones who attempted suicide, did drugs, got raped or acted out our pain in wild ways.
The survivors.
I am sure you know these women. Maybe it was your sister. Your best friend. Your daughter. Maybe you are one of them.
On the outside, things may look great, but internally, survival may still be running the show.
No matter how composed you may appear, you may still operate from anxiety.
No matter how loved you may feel by your partner, you may still fear abandonment or rejection.
No matter how much money you may have, you may live in fear that it will go away.
No matter how much you may love sex, you still shut down or go on automatic.
No matter how good things may seem, you secretly wonder when the rug will be pulled out from under you.
Dear hearts — I get it. I understand. I have been there and I know what it takes to get to the other side. Many of you write to me expressing how you can relate when I share my history of tragedy to triumph.
Many of you wistfully say how you wish you could be free of the worry, the irrational fears, the hamster wheel of limitation..
Help is available. It is a gorgeous and intensely intimate process of laying down a new internal foundation based on a felt-sense of trust and an ability to actually relax into life.
Grace comes in on the wings of willingness and healing happens to a willing, forgiving heart.
If you did not have that which you really needed growing up — if you had violence or drinking or chaos around you, your brain formed around the ‘fight or flight’ functions of your sympathetic nervous system.
Your psyche established protective mechanisms that may still perceive life as something to fight for and this may show up in defensiveness.
This then becomes your glass cage that no matter what happens in your world, your range of expression feels limited.
This takes some time to unwind from. This takes an infinite amount of patience, trust, and safety to rebuild.
The good news is it can be rebuilt. You may have built the outer world around you from your radical resourcefulness and survival instincts. Now may be the time to rebuild the sanctuary of deep trust inside of yourself.
We do this together, one human heart with another human heart. By creating a sacred and safe container for you, we look at your beliefs and mindset, your default emotions, and habit patterns.
Maybe it is time to look at your existing boundaries and where new ones are needed.
Maybe it is time to look at how you speak up for yourself.
Maybe it is time to look for the uncomfortable conversations that you know are good for you – strengthening for you.
By walking through these tender moments of new growth, hand in hand, a new life is created for you.
A life that you are able to relax into. Once and for all.
My style of coaching is not for everyone — it is deep and intense, fierce and gentle at the same time. I am here as your advocate for freedom and will meet your tender heart in ways that you may have yet to experience.
My painful past has given me access to a phenomenal wellspring of compassion and understanding and an ability to meet you where you are at — no matter how desperate, shameful or broken you may silently feel.
I encourage you to find your soul guide, your light bearer — the one who will hold the mirror to reflect to you your glory even when all you may see is shadows.
As long as the Angel of Willingness is in your heart, miracles are available.